How to Restore CHK Files on Windows?

Written by Lucy John on April 21, 2023

Before you get started with the CHK File Recovery process, know few important aspects like what are CHK files? how they get deleted or lost? and Why do you need to recover them?

What are CHK Files?

When your computer faces any abnormalities like interrupted file operation, physically unplugging the external device before Windows says “Safe to Remove Hardware”, disruptions before OS finishes Read/Write operation, sudden system or application crash etc. then Windows asks you to scan the system and fix issues. And, you will run CHKDSK (usually), an inbuilt system tool available in Windows. After completion of scan and repair process, CHKDSK creates files with a .chk extension in a folder called FOLDER. These, CHK files are the recovered lost clusters. CHK files, hold lost contents of files and programs after abrupt actions.

How CHK Files Get Deleted or Lost?

Why do you need to Recover CHK Files?

You may come across numerous situations that result in loss or deletion of CHK files. But, don’t forget the fact that you need those deleted/lost CHK files at one or the other time. After abrupt disaster followed by CHKDSK scan, if you realize that you have lost important data then you can go back to CHK files and try to recover your lost data.

For instance, let’s assume that you had Word files on a USB drive connected to your computer and you ejected the drive improperly. Then, ran CHKDSK later and CHKDSK created CHK files. Later you come to know that your Word file is missing some data or you started facing issues like Word file is not opening, USB showing errors etc. If so, then you can try renaming CHK file (better to work on copy file rather on original file) i.e. changing it from .chk to .doc/.docx extension. And, it gives you Word file.

So, if you have lost or deleted CHK files then it is recommended to recover them first. But how? Use Recover erased files tool.

Yodot to Recover CHK Files:

Yodot File Recovery is an excellent approach to recover lost as well as deleted CHK files in a quicker and easy way. The software supports RAW search i.e. just entering .chk extension in the search field will show your lost/deleted CHK file. Thus, you don’t need to put much effort and spend a lot of time to restore data. Also, the utility supports data recovery date wise, folder wise, file type wise, so if you remember the modified or saved date of CHK file then the restoration process gets completed in an eye blink. Not just CHK, but the software can accurately retrieve more than 300 file types from any storage device. The simple interface of the utility and outstanding tech support offers you an effective as well as effortless recovery.

Steps to Recover CHK Files:


  • Think twice before deleting any files
  • If you feel any files are important then backup them onto safe location

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