How to Restore EML Files?

Written by Lucy John on April 20, 2023

An EML file is an email file that contains not only the text body of an email but also attachments and formatting. The EML file can be read by an email application such as Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook. In reality .eml file type is the Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express native file type for emails even though other email programs make use of EML file extension. But one of the disadvantage of this file type is that it can easily get infected with the viruses and as a consequence of this, it gets deleted off computer in which it is been saved.

To explain about EML file loss, let us take an example wherein you were using Outlook Express and have received .eml file from your friend. As it was virus infected, your computer recommended you to run Antivirus scan. You followed the instructions given by computer and scanned it. After scanning, when you checked your Outlook, you were surprised because the EML file which you got from friend was removed by Antivirus software. You did not care about it because it was not so important. What made you bother more was some of the emails which were of vital importance were also removed by Antivirus. Now in such critical situation you may think that all your business emails went off permanently. But it’s not true actually you can recover EML files using file recovery software.

Similar situation that make you lose EML file are as follows:

After facing this situation, there usually arise a question like is there any chance to restore EML files? There are many users who say no for this question, but in reality you can recover EML file with the help of recovery software like Yodot File Recovery software.

EML file recovery software

Yodot File Recovery is an easy tool to recover .eml files which got deleted from your computer due to above reasons. This software searches for the deleted or lost EML files by using its unique scanning algorithm and then recovers them without modifying its contents. Along with email, you can even recover the attachments present within the email. Apart from EML file this file recovery software can accomplish recovery of PST, DBX and DCI files. It restores other Microsoft documents (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access), archive files, PDF documents, media files from system hard drive and other storage drives on Windows OS. You can check efficiency of this application by using the trial version which is available free for you. If you find this software as useful after going through the steps and features included in trial version, you can go for full version to save recovered eml files.

Steps to get back eml file


  • Confirm that you know the person from whom you received the email with file extension EML. These files are associated with viruses that can harm your computer
  • Delete emails using “delete” option so that you can restore it from “Deleted Items” folder in case they are required

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