How to Restore Encrypted RAR Files?

Written by Lucy John on April 20, 2023

Roshal Archive (RAR) is one of the most popular file container natively used by WinRAR app to save compressed data. This RAR archive is really very useful whenever we have to transfer large sized files over the network by minimizing overall size without any information loss. Once you unpack compressed RAR archive, you get all files in their original form. RAR files are useful not only for minimizing file size but also you can protect your confidential data by making these archives encrypted. Since RAR archives allow encryption, you can make them password protected and easily share over internet or save anywhere in your computer without any worry.

Although, file management seems very simple and secure with the use of RAR files but you may run into a serious problem when you find any of your important RAR file missing or deleted from your computer. You may lose encrypted RAR archives from your PC or any other storage device in following circumstances:

Encrypted RAR file recovery tool

Recover erased files is the perfect tool for quick and secure encrypted RAR files recovery. This software has automated scanning function to locate and retrieve encrypted RAR archives which have lost or deleted from your computer hard drive under different data loss scenarios. Also it allows users to recover RAR and ZIP files, videos, music, pictures documents and other type files from hard drives, external hard disks, pen drives, memory cards, iPods, FireWire storage devices etc. With this tool you can recover encrypted files in Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows10, Windows 11, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2008 OS based machines. This is a read only, virus free file recovery app that doesn’t compromise with the information saved in recovered file.

Easy procedure to restore encrypted RAR files!

Helpful Suggestions!

  • Save backup of encrypted RAR files to a safe storage location in your PC or to other external storage drive
  • Check twice before you delete any folder or file from your computer so that you can avoid deletion of any important RAR file
  • Install an efficient antivirus tool in your system to keep your encrypted RAR files secured from viruses

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