Rescue Files from Briefcase

Written by Lucy John on April 20, 2023

Each and every file stored on computer will have some essential or vital information; so most of the users preserve them more securely. In order to protect up-to-dated files and folders on Windows computer, one can use special folder named Briefcase. Windows users can synchronize most recent iterations of files to this Briefcase and can access them in multiple systems or other storage devices with specified settings.

Along with lots of advantages, Briefcase also carries some disadvantages. One such limitation is when Briefcase storage medium or folder reaches its maximum memory capacity while updating files and its database contains no space. This kind of instant makes most of files and folders stored in it as orphans and make them inaccessible. In case, any file is deleted accidentally from Briefcase folders, then its associated file automatically gets deleted. If you use “Update All” option in Briefcase mistakenly, then also its files will be erased by default.

Apart from these reasons; virus attack, formatting partition containing briefcase folder; mistakenly deleting files using shift delete keys, etc can even cause loss of files from Briefcase. In case you have lost or deleted most essential official documents or media files synchronized in Briefcase; then don’t worry!!! Those files can be retrieved with the aid of precise file recovery software such as Yodot File Recovery.

Briefcase files recovery software:

Deleted files recovery software is the perfect choice to recover deleted or lost files from Briefcase on Windows system. You can get back various types of files such as Word documents, excel files, presentations, PDF files, ZIP files, RAR files, basic media file types and many more files synchronized in Briefcase folders. The software has powerful built-in search algorithms which can identify and recover lost files under any critical data loss scenario. One can also get data from BitLocker encrypted drive using this utility. Furthermore, this tool regains files from external hard drives, SSD drives, pen drives, memory cards and many other removable storage devices efficiently. The program supports various versions of Windows operating systems such as Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003.

Simple process to recover files from briefcase:

Useful Instructions:

  • Confirm twice or thrice before deleting files from Briefcase
  • Be careful while updating or synchronizing files in Briefcase storage medium
  • Get clear-cut idea about functionality of Briefcase before using it

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