Recovery of Files from BitLocker Encrypted Drive

Written by Lucy John on April 20, 2023

“I recently had the unfortunate situation wherein I have encrypted my Windows hard drive using BitLocker drive encryption tool so that no one could access files or accidentally delete any data from it. But I only committed a mistake by accidentally deleting few files using “Shift + Delete” keys. My friend has told me that there are many recovery tools which can help to recover files. But I don’t know whether I can restore files from BitLocker drive as it is encrypted. Kindly someone help me in this regard.”

Basically, BitLocker is a name used by Microsoft Windows to describe an algorithm active in Windows operating system to encrypt hard drive partition sector by sector. In brief BitLocker is something like setting security permissions on files and folders present on your Windows computer. Unlike other access limitation and file encryption techniques involved in latest Windows operating systems; BitLocker deals with entire hard disk partition. The algorithm employed in BitLocker technique uses low-level and sector-by-sector encryption to protect the entire partition from third person. Unfortunately BitLocker hard drive does not guarantee you to protect your data from any threat and you might face data loss situation as mentioned above. Similarly, there are other situations as follows:

As users prefer saving confidential files in BitLocker hard drive, it is recommended to create backup of it since it is highly impossible to recover data manually if you encounter any data loss situations. In case you have lost data before creating backup of files, then usage of trustworthy software like Yodot File Recovery is the wise decision.

BitLocker file recovery software:

Yodot File Recovery software has got all the features that assure you to regain complete data from BitLocker hard drive. In addition to BitLocker, this tool helps in retrieving Sophos Encrypted Hard Drive, Rocstor 1TB Hawker Encrypted Portable Hard Drive, including Mcafee encryption hard drive recovery. Many users assume that if the hard drive is encrypted, then no file recovery tool can help to restore files lost or deleted from it. It is a wrong notation actually; Yodot File Recovery software is designed to get back files from both encrypted as well as non-encrypted hard drive. So you can be rest assured to download this utility on your Windows computer; if you cannot find files that you want to recover, then make use of ‘Smart scan’ option. It will deeply scan your system and displays various types of restored files like DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLXS, MDB, PST, OST, DBX, PDF< ZIP, ZIPX, RAR, DLL, etc and even few generic media files (such as JPEG, BMP, WPG PNG, GIF, ASF, ASX, WMV) from BitLocker hard drive. It is suggested to download free demo version and evaluate recovery results before buying this file recovery tool. Users can approach technical support team if they have any issues while recovering files from BitLocker drive on Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems.

Procedure to bring back files from BitLocker hard drive:

Valuable Info:

  • Remember the password which you have entered at the time of encrypting hard drive using BitLocker as it is necessary to access information after recovery
  • Be careful while deleting any file or folder from BitLocker hard drive

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