Retrieve VCF Files on Windows System

Written by Lucy John on April 19, 2023

VCF file, generally referred as vCard (electronic business card) is a standard digital file format for storing contact information in text format on various gadgets. These virtual contact file consist of name, phone number, email addresses, contact address, photograph, custom field and other information of a person. vCard is stored with .vcf file extension that supports transfer of contact information between address books.

These contact files can be easily attached to emails, instant messaging and to text messages in cell phones to exchange contact details from iPod, iPhone and Microsoft Outlook on computers. Similar to other text files, VCF files can also be lost in numerous ways.

How VCF files can get lost from storage devices?

Most frequently one loses VCF files due to accidental deletion. Many users while erasing unwanted files end up in deleting VCF files due to carelessness. In some other case, user may delete VCF file thinking that it isn’t required further. But later may find it necessary and hence face loss of vCards.

Also, while moving these VCF files from one device to other storage media on Windows system using Cut & Paste options. In this case, user may come across an issue like file disappeared after cut and paste. Occurrence of interruptions like sudden power surge, forceful system shutdown and many more leads to loss of VCF data. In many other cases formatting the storage media in which VCF files are saved, software conflicts, etc. can also lead to VCF file loss.

Necessary steps to bring back lost / deleted VCF files:

When you lose vCard files from storage devices like system hard disk, mobile phones, Tablets, iPod, etc. then stop using the device for further data storage. Because saving any new data on it may overwrite the memory space occupied by lost VCF contact space on the storage media. Next without any delay, make use of any reputed file recovery software such as Yodot that can retrieve your erased / lost vCard files.

Salient features of VCF file recovery tool:

Recovery steps to follow:

Important Note:

  • Before removing VCF files from storage devices check whether it is the right file to remove
  • Always update reliable antivirus program on Windows system to avoid virus infection on files
  • Do not format the storage device unnecessarily

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