Restoring XLSM File

Written by Lucy John on April 19, 2023

“Hi There, Just wondering if any I can successfully recover XLSM file from my PC. I encountered loss of XLSM files from system when I accidentally emptied my Recycle Bin folder that contained much needed XLSM data. I thought of maintaining backup of those XLSM files but eventually forgot and have ended up in critical situation. What should I do now? Even my clients want their latest files that are up to date. Any helpful suggestions that can be followed to overcome data loss issue? Thanks!”

Microsoft Excel is considered as one of the most used tools for processing all kinds of information; hence it can be assumed that the work sheets contain important data. While working on XLSM sheets, there were many times when you have to deal with loss / deletion of XLSM files from Windows system. Trying to restore lost information from the logical drive could be very monotonous task if you have less technical information about how data retrieval procedure has to be carried out. If backup has been maintained then recovery can be done easily, but if there is no backup then you can find the use of Yodot File Recovery software that can solve the issue without damaging original XLSM file contents.

XLSM files can get lost / deleted from the system due to various reasons, few of them are mentioned below:

XLSM file recovery tool

File Recovery software such as Yodot File Recovery program is the best utility that can be used to get back deleted / lost XLSM files. This recovery software is enhanced with foremost scanning techniques that easily regains XLSM files and lists them in respective order. It efficiently rescues lost or deleted XLSM files on Windows system in a minimum amount of time by assisting even a novice user. Including Excel file recovery, this utility also helps you to get back other files such as Word files (.doc, .docx), PDF files (.pdf), PowerPoint files (.ppt, .pptx), Outlook data files (.pst/.ost) and other file formats that have been saved in your PC. If any drawbacks halt your recovery work, you can mail us about your problem and we will assist you in every possible way.

Follow the simple procedure to get back lost / deleted XLSM files from Windows system

Things to be remembered

  • Maintain backup of important XLSM files on separate external hard drive
  • Double check XLSM  files before deleting them from system
  • Follow proper procedure while exiting Microsoft Excel application

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