Recover Files from Not Recognized Strontium Pen Drive

Written by Lucy John on April 18, 2023

“Hi all, I have bought a Strontium pen drive few years back and I had maintained it well all these days in a good working condition. Now, I do not know what happened all of a sudden; it is not getting recognized on my PC. The warranty period of Strontium pen drive has also expired. I need to fix the problem somehow as I have really important data in it. Please suggest a way if you know any for retrieving data from unrecognizable Strontium pen drive. Thanks in advance...”

The above may be the situation with you. We will discuss about why it happened as we are more concerned about getting back data from your Strontium pen drive at the first place. Yes, it is possible to recover files when Strontium pen drive. The unrecognizable Strontium flash drive data can be read using data recovery software.

Strontium pen drive comes in different designs and specifications. It provides you speedy transfer of data and high security for data saved on it with its technology. In spite of its reliable features, there are times when it does not get recognized. It is the common problem with any pen drive when it comes across situations like below:

There are many reasons for Strontium pen drive not getting detected. However, you do not have to bother much on how to restore files when Strontium pen drive not recognized. You can do it easily using Yodot File Recovery software on your PC.

Strontium pen drive recovery software

With the installation of Yodot File Recovery software helps you restore files from Strontium pen drive which is not getting recognized. This program is capable of retrieving files of different types either your study materials in PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access or any other document format. You can even restore basic types of video, photo, audio, etc. from your Strontium pen drive. This application supports data recovery from Strontium 16GB Pollex flash drive, ON THE GO, AMMO, Bold, OTG, JET, AUTO and other models of USB drive.

Other than Pen drives, this utility is compatible to retrieve data from computer not recognizing files on Flash drive and other storage devices like iPods, Memory cards, external hard drives, internal hard drives, etc. on Windows OS based computers.

Steps to recover files when Strontium pen drive not recognized:


  • Always safely eject Strontium pen drive to avoid software corruption on it and file loss
  • Keep scanning Strontium flash drives for any malwares or viruses in it

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