Fix Access Denied To Folders Issue On An External Hard Drive

Written by Lucy John on April 28, 2023

“I have a 2TB external hard drive to store my backup data. Today, when I tried to access a subfolder on it, a message stating “access denied” was displayed on screen. It was working fine until yesterday and now I cannot access folders. Is there a way to gain access without the risk of losing my data?”

Problems associated with accessing files and folders on external hard drive on Windows can be due to corrupted user account, permission issues or even due to corrupted files. Here are some definitive solutions to gain access to the folders.

There are two different ways to fix the error and regain access to your folders on External hard drive. If you have a boot failure issues altogether, follow this guide to tackle external hard drive not starting up problem. Below are the methods to fix access denied error.

Method #1: Retake Ownership of the Drive

Method #2: Use Data Recovery Software

Yodot hard drive recovery tool can restore files of any format from an inaccessible external drive. It does a thorough scan of the portable drive and works effectively on different brands like Western Digital, Seagate, Samsung etc. Another noteworthy feature of Yodot utility is it restores the data in its original folder structure.

Steps to recover folders that cannot be accessed on removable hard drive

Beware of this…!

  • Regularly do antivirus scan on your external drives
  • While removing the external hard drive make sure you safe eject the device

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