How to Recover Data from Bad Hard Drive?

Generally hard drives make sound, but when you hear unusual clicking or scratching noises, then probably your hard drive is in bad state and may stop working in a short time. A bad hard disk fails to work i.e. it does not allow computer to boot operating system or you won’t be able to access any data from bad hard drive. This type of unfortunate situation can arise anytime owing to several reasons and leads to huge amount of data loss.

A hard drive which is in bad working state shows certain symptoms before it completely stop working. Some of them as listed below:

  • Slow Access Speed: Sometimes you may see a huge decrease in your computer's speed, where it takes several minutes rather than few seconds to open a program or a document. Also upon starting the system, it takes longer than normal to start working
  • Screen Freeze: Along with loud clicking sound, you may experience irregular screen freeze on your computer and it shows various error messages
  • System Hang: Slowly your computer may hang at instant of time and does nothing when you switch it on. Or system might turn on for a couple of seconds and then turns off by itself

What to do when your hard drive goes bad?

Hard drive becomes bad due to a number of causes including crash of read/write head, exposing hard drive to overheat or vibration, frequent power surges while using hard drive, bad drivers ro hard ware issues, software conflicts, hard drive corruption and the list goes on. However, it is suggested to take complete backup of hard drive data in case if you see any of the above explained symptoms on your computer. This will save your valuable data in the event of data loss, but what you if you have already lost your files and folders? Relax, irrespective of the reasons that leads to bad hard drive, you can find and rescue your data using any professional hard drive recovery software.

Which hard drive recovery tool to use?

There are many tools available, but selecting competent software like Yodot Hard Drive Recovery will ease your task of restoring files from bad hard disk. It is read-only software that has powerful scanning mechanism to find and retrieve all files that are deleted or missing from hard drive. By making use of this software, you will be able to restore photos, songs, video, MS Office files, compressed files, emails, etc from your bad hard drive. If your hard drive has bad sectors then it skips those sectors and recovers rest of the files. The recovery process is simple and ends in a couple of minutes. You can make use of this tool to recover data from unbootable hard drive, when it stops working or not recognized by computer due to various causes on Windows operating systems.

Directions to use the software

  • Disconnect hard drive from your system and connect it to a healthy Windows computer
  • Download and install the recovery software to the connected computer
  • Run the software and follow the instructions given on the screen
  • Click on “Partition Recovery” option to recover files from bad hard drive
  • The application now displays all the internal and external hard drive connected to the system
  • Select the external drive which represents your bad hard drive and click on “Next” button
  • The software starts scanning process and displays the list of recovered files from bad hard drive, in two view types; “Data Type” and “File Type”
  • View the files before saving by just pressing on “Preview” option
  • Finally save recovered files in a desired location

Tips for Future Use

  • Make use of any good antivirus software, in order to scan and remove the virus
  • Stop using your computer after experiencing loud clicking noises, freezing of computer screen, etc.
  • Mainly take the backup of your vital files and folders upon seeing unusual behavior of your hard drive