How to Solve Flash Drive error - There is no Media in the Specified Device?

People opt for flash drives over other storage devices because of the fact that they are light and portable. Despite of various advantages, flash drives also has some downsides associated with it. These downsides are nothing but some common USB drive errors. A brief extract of one such similar scenario reported by user over internet is given below, have a look at it:

“I have 16GB flash drive on which I have stored all my essential project related files. I use this drive frequently and it used to work absolutely fine. But today when I inserted this flash drive and tried accessing it, I got an error message stating that ‘There is no media in the specified device’. However USB drive is recognized and is shown as removable volume. Further this error message is not allowing me to format the drive as well. Is there any way to fix the error?”

It’s a tedious task to deal with such unexpected pen (removable) drive errors as users have to spend hours finding ways to resolve the issue. Thus at this point user may be left puzzled with a series of questions running on mind like why does this error occur? How to troubleshoot “No Media” error and get back files stored on flash drive? To get answer to these questions read this editorial carefully.

Why does USB say ‘There is no media’?

Basically, all flash memory devices have limited life span. After certain life span, flash drives begin to fail gradually as the read/write cycles exceed specified limit. Another reason is unplugging USB dive while it is in operation, can damage internal lookup tables on drive and also invoke corruption in Master Boot Record(MBR) or Partition Boot Record (PBR). Apart from these causes, there can be various other reasons related to logical or physical issues with pen drive that could be triggering errors as mentioned and further creating problem to access the drive.

How to fix “No Media” error and restore files stored on flash drive?

Users have perception that erroneous flash drive is of no use and they take the wrong step of discarding them and buying new one. But there is no need to do so, just go through below measures:

Fix 1: Ensure that flash drive is in complete contact with USB socket. Also try plugging in the host flash drive into another USB socket to check whether data can be accessed

Fix 2: To eliminate errors in pen drive, go to My Computer-> Right click drive name and open its Properties-> Tools tab-> mark Now button-> Check both check boxes -“Automatically fix file system errors” and “Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors”-> click Start

Hopefully, this would help to sort out the error. In case, still the problem persists and the data is not accessible on flash drive then it’s strongly recommended to read next section.

Complete solution to successfully access data from flash drive:

A USB drive stores data in the memory similar to a hard drive. Hence user can opt for a restoration application known as Yodot Hard Drive Recovery. This software is robust and the underlying algorithm works steadily to scan each and every sector of USB, thus facilitating successful data recovery. Besides this, the UI is versatile and can be used even by an ordinary user with less technical knowledge. In addition to the above problem, this application can help you to recover clicking external hard drive, RAW, unrecognized and unbootable hard drives as well.

Note: Incase, if you have formatted affected flash drive, you can still use this utility to restore files.

Instructions to use Yodot Hard Drive Recovery:

Please take a moment to Download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery on Windows system. Then install it as per the instructions given during installation process. Next, run application and follow below-mentioned steps:


  • Flash drives are volatile and hence whenever you store data on it, make sure to keep multiple back-ups of same data
  • To use this tool make sure that the USB drive is being recognized by Disk Management

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