Possible Ways to Get Rid of External Drive Error 0x80070570

Whenever Windows is unable to complete the requested operation it immediately throws an error code. These error status are indication of some unusual problems/conflicts of particular type occurring in the system. Further, some of this error simply lead to serious situations where data suddenly becomes inaccessible. Thus, It is necessary to carefully examine and handle Windows errors. Here is one such generally encountered error code discussed in detail.

Windows Error 0x80070570 with external Hard Drive:

The error code- 0x80070570 is returned by Windows OS especially when a hard disk is externally connected. An attempt to access external HD will simply states that- “Error 0x80070570 –“The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable”. This in-turn will not let you to read any data saved on drive even if the data is still available in the storage. Thus, halting any read-write operations with HD media. The problem is even observed when user tried to delete or copy contents from such problematic drives.

Note: This typically happens when system updates are been interrupted in-between and the error appears like this- “Windows cannot install required files. The file may be corrupt or missing. Make sure all files required for installation are available, and restart the installation. Error code: 0x80070570. In that case, it is preferable to go with re-installation, also perform a full scan for virus.

Heading to the issue where directory is corrupted and unreadable, the reasons that makes external disk show unusual errors are as follows:

  • Damages in the disk/files and permission issues
  • Threatened by virus and other malicious programs
  • Certain device driver issues
  • Other internal conflicts (hardware/software)

So now, the major attention goes to safely retrieving files from drive especially when backup is unavailable. Here are some fixtures listed in order to fix the Windows error- 0x80070570.

#Fix 1: Install Windows Driver updates

As discussed above it is sometimes due to issue within system driver software. So, ensure that your all device drivers are up-to-date. If, not check for available updates and install it. You can simply navigate through Device Manager >>look for devices labelled with yellow exclamation>> click on Update Driver option.

#Fix 2: Check Disk utility

Firstly, right-click over the externally connected drive-> Properties-> Tools->Error checking -> Check ->Automatically Fix File System Errors. Alternately, then open the Command Prompt window [go to Start menu and type cmd]. Type the following command: chkdsk /F G:(where G is the corresponding drive letter labelled in the system).

These fixes may sometimes fail to deliver successful repair that is when the drive is facing severe damages. Under such circumstances, it may be necessary to recover the drive data but how will it be possible to do so, when drive appears completely inaccessible. Don’t panic, if you are concerned about safeguarding your vital information stored on external drive then Yodot Hard Drive Recovery program is one accurate remedy.

Know more about Yodot solution:

The tool is been brilliantly designed to address all hard drive related issues – like Format/Reformat errors, partition errors, bad sectors etc. Even if the drive data is in inaccessible state, the built-in algorithms are efficient enough to fetch data from it. Along with this, one can easily copy files from corrupted hard drive and many other storage media. The application supports both internal and external hard drives of various brands. Ultimately restores data without any pinpoint of changes to the original content. The software recovers data from hard drive with bad sectors, affected with virus attack, file system corruption, and other hard drive damage issues.

OS compatibility: Runs on Windows 10- Windows 8.1- Windows 8- Windows 7- Windows XP- Windows Vista- Windows Server 2008 and 2003 versions.

Errors are not limited to any particular OS. If you are a Mac user then you may also come across above sorts of issues when OS X partition table gets corrupt. At that instance, if you don’t possess appropriate backup or if you haven’t enabled Mac Time Machine then you can opt Yodot Mac Data Recovery application to safeguard your entire data before you try to fix corrupted apple partition map.

Easy procedure to get data off hard drive showing 0x80070570 error

Step 1: Connect the HD media to a healthy Windows system. Download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery program and install as guided

Step 2: Select Partition Recovery option on the main screen

Step 3: Now mention the hard drive storage for the tool to perform scan

Step 4: Specify the types of data to recover (simply Mark All)

Step 5: Allow the program to complete the scan process

Step 6: A list of all recoverable files is return for verification

Step 7: Preview and validate using either File Type View or Data View

Step 8: Continue saving retrieved HD data in some secure storage location

Safety tips:

  • Keep your Windows Firewall enabled in order to prevent from malware and other threats
  • Before OS reinstallation, remove all system-connected devices

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