Recover Data from Hard Drive Having Bad Sectors

Hard disk drives are simply known as HDD, is the main component on a computer system, it helps you save all kinds of data like movies, games, songs, documents, video clips, photo files, software’s and many others. The computer hard disk is a non-volatile device which means that the device has ability to retain data information even after turning of your computer. However, since hard drives are mechanical devices they eventually fail at some point or the other and one of the important reasons behind it is bad sectors on hard disk.

What are Bad Sectors?

A hard disk drive contains thousands and millions of sectors upon which data is saved, once these sectors are damaged. The data on those sectors are inaccessible, unreadable and you cannot write or add any new data on it. Bad sectors usually cause data loss on hard disk. Thus, if your hard disk drive has bad sectors it is suggested to backup your data from the hard disk immediately. You may get see few symptoms of hard disk containing bad sectors are listed below:

  • Computer starting to slow down, especially while accessing the hard disk
  • Error message like: Data Error (“Cyclic Redundancy Check”)
  • Automatic startup of Chkdsk or scandisk application during system startup
  • Hard disk drive failed to recognize by computer or asking to format and many other

The Bad sectors on hard disk is formed due to many reasons, some of them include power surge while using the hard disk, over clocking, heat, read-write head crash, virus attack, dust and many more.

How to fix bad sector on Windows?

Go to “My Computer”->Select the hard disk partition which you want to repair->Right click on the disk, and select properties and then go to “Tools” tab->Click on “Check now” button->Check “Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors” and click on “Start” button.

This Windows built-in tool usually scans and fixes bad sectors in hard disk. However, it also happens that the bad sector may increase in number with the use and aging of the computer. If the hard disk drive contains more and more bad sectors, it results in huge amount of data loss. But it is also true that you can make an image of your hard disk and restore data from the disk image using Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software.

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery offers one of the simplest and most effective way to retrieve data from hard drive with bad sectors. This tool works by creating the image of your inaccessible hard disk and then recovering all the data by opening the image file. Other than bad sectors, this too is capable of recovering data from formatted laptop hard disk drive, crashed hard drive, after OS reinstallation, Disk Boot Failure and many more data loss scenarios.

Steps to recover data from hard drive with bad sectors using Yodot Hard Drive Recovery:

NOTE: Connect the drive with bad sectors to a fresh Windows PC and proceed with the below steps

  • Download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software from this page and install it on fresh Windows system
  • Open the installed software and follow the procedure
  • Select “Partition Recovery" option, the software scans and shows both the physical and logical drive of the system
  • Select the physical drive with bad sectors and then select “Save Image File” by right-clicking on Tools tab in menu bar
  • Mention proper location on host Windows drive to save the disk image and close the tool
  • Later on, run the software again and use “Open Image File” option from Tools to open the disk image
  • All the files and folders which can be recovered from the image file will be shown
  • Choose the files and/or folders which you want to recover
  • Save the recovered files to your desired location, although not to the same hard disk drive from where image file was created

Tips to Remember:

  • Avoid using hard disk drive if you realize that it has too many bad sectors
  • Backup your important hard disk data when it shows some unusual behavior
  • Update your antivirus software weekly or monthly