Data Recovery from PATA Drive

PATA (Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment) also known as IDE, which is a regular interface that is used within computer to connect all types of storage devices like hard disks and optical devices to the motherboard. Even though PATA drive is replaced by SATA nowadays, many users still prefer to use PATA hard drive as it is cost efficient and has high data transfer speed. However, despite the growing number of technological advances in the reliability of storage media, hard drive failure and data loss still continue to rise and PATA is one particular type of hard drive which is often haunted by data loss problems.

Possible causes behind data loss from PATA hard drive are:

You take extra care to protect your data on PATA drive, but the time will come when PATA drive does not respond to your command and just stops working due to unknown reasons. So only it is advised to create backup of important files. But, sometimes due to bad luck your PATA drive may not boot when you decide to backup essential data. In such condition, it is suggested to use reliable data recovery software to safely bring back data from PATA hard drive.

Data retrieval from PATA hard drive:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software plays crucial role in recovering data from PATA hard drive. It will examine PATA hard drive carefully to find and extract recoverable files while scanning the drive. Its read-only feature keeps the original data intact and hence ensures secure recovery of data like documents, videos, photos, music files and lots more file types from PATA hard drive. It can quickly recover data from FAT, NTFS and exFAT partitions and store it in a location that you specify. With the aid of this software, you can even restore data from non bootable PATA hard drive. Apart from PATA, this hard drive recovery software support data recovery SAS, SCSI, SATA, ATA and other hard disk as well as external hard drive interfaces on Windows OS.

Procedure to get back data from PATA hard drive:

Useful information:

  • If your lost data on PATA drive has been overwritten by new content, then it is impossible to recover data, so make sure that you don’t add new files after data loss
  • Do not use PATA hard drive for long time, as it may get overheated and develop bad sectors

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