Backing Up Data Upon Facing “Removable Media is Bad or Missing” Error

“Hello everyone! I installed Windows 7 on my system which was previously with Windows 8 installation version. When I tried to boot the system restore CD, it comes up with an error saying “removable media is bad or missing”. Later I tried Win 7 ISO files using USB drive but the device comes up with same error. Is it because of compatibility issue or any other cause? Somebody please give me an idea about this error and remedy to resolve. Please help me!”

Beginning or starting up system with such error messages cause confusions among users. Continuously questioning with- What is this error? Why did I receive it? Is it solvable? If so how??? is the ultimate condition of victim. On encountering such error, are you wondering about dealing them? Keep reading further sections to seek benefits out of it that mitigates the so called error.

What is this “Removable Media Is Bad or Missing” Error?

It is a commonly occurring error on computer system that causes inaccessibility of data from removable storage devices. This error is common with media such as CD, DVD, Memory cards, USB drives, external HDD and so on.

What causes such errors?

How to overcome this complication?

There are few troubleshooting methods that will fix such kind of troublesome errors. But data security is not assured. The advantage is, further errors or access denial problems will be eradicated at the deal of data loss. So how to fix this dispute without compromising any data?

Here is the solution! It’s by taking a Backup

Yes, before trying and imposing any troubleshoot methods on self, it is better and safe to take up a backup of all vital data. Just few clicks can save your important files. Follow the below steps to finish up the task.

Simply extract data from faulty removable storage media

Now employ some mechanism to permanently fix “removable media is bad or missing” error on device

First method: Run chkdsk tool

This approach fixes errors related with bad sectors, file system errors and more on external storage devices.

First click on “Start” button => Then choose “All Programs and Accessories” => Run command Windows (Window+R) => Type chkdsk /f /r X: (X is drive letter) => Hit Enter option

With this method, if there is any presence of bad sectors or errors it will be automatically repaired. Chkdsk command will fix by removing it. So there is chance of losing some data during this process.

Second method: Formatting the problematic media

This method creates/prepares new file system for device. Here along with error, entire data will be wiped out.

Initially connect the device to system => Right click on “PC” => Click on “Manage” => Opt for “Disk Management” => Right click on the drive or device that needs fixation => Click on “Format” option => hit “OK”

Be certain about Yodot removable drive data recovery application and its features.

This application returns with a result of bringing all important data out of portable media by ignoring error messages such as “removable media is bad or missing” or “SSD cannot read data” or any sort of errors. The utility assists to regain data from storage devices such as Hard disks, external HDD, Memory card, Pen drives and many other devices. Its advanced scanning technology helps to scan each and every sector of drive and devices. Yodot utilization is compatible with Operating system versions like Windows 7, 8, 8.1, XP, Vista, Server 2003 and Server 2008 editions.

Beware of this…!

  • Backup vital files and data on a regular basis
  • Avoid indecent way of pulling out External media devices when there are in use

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