How to Resolve RAW Read Error Rate with SSD?

Have you noticed your SSD with large count of Raw Read Rate under Drive Monitor utility? The S.M.A.R.T status may show a rapid increase in SSD RAW Read Rates with time. However, you may also observe that SSD is functioning normally and is unaffected by increasing error rates. Since that you cannot notice any negative signs in system performance, do you think is this error negligible?

Attention required!!

Yes, though high read/write error rate is not showing any harmful symptoms there needs a careful attention. A raw read error rate on a SSD storage is simply an indication that there is some bad connection between disk and the drive controller or the problem is within the SSD. Gradually with time, you may notice your SSD fail; higher the error rates the more chances that drive fails.

How does read rate error occur?

It is hardly possible for any normal end user to suspect and determine the exact cause for increased error rates, which in turn affects the system drive. Some practically found factors include-

Action to implement:

When you observe raising error rates with Solid State Device, get in with backing up all your drive contents. Already, if you are a victim of failure then still there is no way to lose hope. Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool will help you retrieve files from failed SSD without causing any alterations to the source content present on the drive.

Retrieve SSD media with a simple program installation

A robust application that has ability to restore files and contents from a dead drive, disk with bad sectors, boot-failures, format errors and all other data loss instances. Recovery procedure seems even easy with its intuitively designed interface. An ultimate tool that be readily installed on all Windows OS series like Windows 10/8.x/7/XP/Vista and Windows Server (2008 and 2003) versions. Not just lost / deleted recovery from SSD, Yodot can additionally help to retrieve raw files on usb, memory cards, pen drive and other removable storage devices.

Procedure to get off data from a SSD

If your SSD media is unbootable then plug the drive to a healthy Windows system as an external device. Ensure that your system recognizes the drive. Download the Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool and set-up the program as instructed.


  • Maintain a regular backup on multiple storage medium
  • Monitor status of your drive on daily basis on your drive monitor tool
  • Do not unplug the SSD device while system is powered on

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