Get Back Desktop Files after Formatting

“Hi, I have formatted my computer hard drive as it was showing some errors every time I tried to access data from my system. But, before formatting hard drive I forgot to backup few files that were placed in desktop. So is there any method to bring back desktop files that are erased after formatting? Please suggest your valuable comments.”

Formatting computer hard drive or other storage devices is required whenever it is not working properly or when it is corrupt. However, users might lose files from computer after formatting, if one forgets to backup essential data. There are many users who have faced similar scenarios and lost valuable desktop files due to formatting. Common situations in which formatting becomes a must are listed below:

  • While reinstalling the operating system on computer, the process may compel to format the hard drive without which user may end up in data loss
  • If user selects a healthy partition and formats it in while formatting any partition that is corrupted and inaccessible on computer hard drive, then all its files will be erases in shot
  • When hard drive shows, “drive not formatted, format it now” error, then one has to continue with format process in order to regain access to hard drive, but formatting deletes entire data from hard disk
  • Other cases, some logical errors on computer causing frequent hanging of hard drive, severe bad sectors on hard drive, etc that causes inaccessibility of data stored on it creates a need to format hard drive

In the above instances, one might forcefully or intentionally format computer hard drive without backing up important data and end up in losing files. If you have faced such scenario and lost files from desktop after formatting, then it is common to about how to recover desktop files after formatting. Here is the solution, immediately make use of alternative hard drive file recovery tool before adding new data on to the drive; as it may wind up in data overwriting.

Formatted files recovery software:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is the perfect tool to get back all types of files that are deleted from desktop after formatting hard drive. The advanced recovery modules in this program can deeply scan formatted storage drive and easily rescues each and every file within few steps. This software is capable of restoring MS Office documents, videos, pictures, songs, folders, archives, program files and other file types. One can utilize this recovery tool to extract data from failed hard drive as well as unbootable, corrupted, dead or crashed hard drive with no trouble. It can even bring back data from hard drives and external hard drives with SATA, PATA, IDE, SAS and other interface. Inaccessible data on pen drive, SSD, FireWire drive, memory cards and other storage drives can also be restored using this HHD data recovery tool. This utility can be employed on Windows computers and laptops operating with MS Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Windows XP, Vista, Server 2008 and 2003 OS versions. Or if the same situation arises on Macintosh OS wherein everything on Mac desktop disappeared then one can make use of Yodot Mac File Recovery software

Steps to retrieve files on desktop after formatting:

  • Download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery on a healthy Window system and connect your formatted hard drive to this system
  • Install and run the utility according to given instructions
  • Then in main screen click on “Formatted / Reformatted” Recovery option
  • Next, from the list of drives showing on screen, select storage drive that represents externally connected hard drive that was formatted
  • Further, select the file types to be recovered if required or else, click ‘Mark All’ button
  • Software scans hard drive selected and retrieves all files that are still intact with the formatted drive
  • When scanning ends, click on ‘Data View’ / ‘File Type View’ to glance at the restored files
  • Preview the complete details of selected files from the list and proceed to save rescued files and folders to desired target location on host computer hard drive, but not to the same formatted drive

Points to be noted:

  • Do not format e hard drive or any other storage device without taking back up of files saved in it
  • Avoid instances that can corrupt or damage desktop hard drive that results in data loss
  • Maintain proper backup of essential files from desktop on to external storage drive to escape from unforeseen data loss

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