How to Retrieve Data from Inaccessible Hard Drive?

“I have a configuration of Intel Quad Core Processor with 4GB RAM and 1TB HDD with 1GB Nvidia Geforce Gt 650m graphics on my Desktop. Recently I encountered a strange problem with my system, then after that my system hard drive becomes inaccessible. The HDD is shown in BIOS, but it does not get displayed on windows. After this a sequences of events took place like restarting, file index # # # # untraceable during boot time etc. The drive contains all photos of my college life, family photos, childhood photos, games and plus 100GB of software collection I have collected from last 4 to 5 years. I don’t want to lose all this data, if anyone knows any solution for regaining my data from inaccessible HDD, then please help me???”

The hard drive failures like inaccessible, corrupted, unbootable etc are becoming common now-a-day. If you are one of them who are suffering from this type of problems with your hard disk and lost valuable data, then don’t get dispersed. Your data won’t be erased from inaccessible hard drive; you can easily recover it by using any hard drive recovery tool. Before knowing about the hard drive recovery tool, let me tell some of the reasons why hard drives become inaccessible:-

If you’re desktop hard drive becomes inaccessible and you want to recover your precious data stored on it, then you can use any of the hard disk recovery tools that are available presently on market. But most of users prefer Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software to get back their valuable data from various hard drive problems. The main thing you need to do is, you must install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool on one of the correctly working Windows system and then connect your inaccessible hard drive as a slave to this system. After this launch the recovery utility and follow the recovery procedure to retrieve data from inaccessible hard drive.

Inaccessible hard drive data recovery software:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is one of the best recovery software which is used by most of the computer users to recover files and other data from inaccessible hard drives on Windows OS. This tool efficiently recovers files such as audio files, video files, images, raw pictures, archive files, Microsoft Office files and other documents from inaccessible hard drives. This tool not only retrieves data from inaccessible hard drive, but it also recovers lost FAT or NTFS partitions after partitioning the hard drive for multiple times. It has advanced scanning technology, which scans the entire hard disk block-by-block to recover lost, deleted, formatted data from the inaccessible hard drive. Yodot Hard Drive Recovery also recovers data from inaccessible external drives, flash drives, thumb drives etc. on systems running Windows operating system.

Steps for using Yodot Hard Drive Recovery on Windows:


  • It’s good to have backup of your crucial data on any external storage device
  • Always update your anti-virus application in order to safe guard your system against virus or other spacious program
  • Take some assistance from your computer vendor if hard drive has some physical issues

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