Handling Boot Error Code 0xc000000f On Windows

During Windows start-up process, an error status 0xC000000F is seen to be displayed at several instances. This boot error code simply indicates that there is some problem reading Boot Configuration Database (BCD). At this phase, Windows Boot Manager displays message on a screen saying ‘Windows has failed to start’. Eventually, system fails to boot and start-up normally.

As this trouble can arise at any rare occasions it could seem complicated to find the root cause for this very issue. Some reported causes include:

This kind of boot error code- 0xC000000E, 0xC0000098, 0xC0000225 and similar boot related issues is found to raise in any Windows operating system versions.

Is it possible to resolve 0xC000000F error?

Yes, attempts can be made to fix this boot issue. The very first thing to try fix this problem is to run Windows startup repair that is available on Windows setup disc. This performs all necessary diagnosis and try to fix them in an automated sense. A key thing to remember before proceeding with repair is- unplug all external drives that are connected.

Startup Repair on Windows: Insert your Installation CD to your system’s ROM drive – completely shut off the system – Power it on again – Hit on any key to continue to boot from CD that is inserted – find and click ‘Repair your computer’ option and wait for Windows to finish scan and repair process.

Once you are successful in booting up the computer then there are two other ways via command prompt to address boot error codes. For this, boot the system using installation CD as discussed above. Set the installation drive (C: -by default). Open the command prompt Window and go with either of the below commands then press Enter key.

#1. bootrec /rebuildbcd – this is used to rebuild the boot configuration data files.

#2. chkdsk C: /f – the check disk utility scans the system hard drive and look for any file system related issues that in turn damaged boot datsa.

Lastly, another thing to fix the error is to inspect the HD data cables and device drives. Else left over option is to go ahead with factory reset. This also serves to be one of the solution for initialization failed error fix, encountered during system startup. But most importantly this completely erases all system data. Now all that can help to safely get back data from system hard drive is use of Yodot Hard Drive Recovery program.

Note:Recovering data is essential even before fixing the problem; as it can have impact on existing data saved in drive leading to further damages.

Recovering data from system when Windows shows error to boot:

Detach the hard drive with precautions and connect it to a well-conditioned Windows system. Download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery program.

Some eye-catching functionalities of Yodot application:

It can be regarded as one of the useful and safe solution when it comes to retrieve data from hard drives. The program possesses authentic algorithms that can retrieve data from corrupted or inaccessible hard disks; including the ones with bad sectors, format errors, lost disk partitions, raw drives, file system issues and lot more. Adding to this, recovery is possible from external hard drives and other removable drives with high success ratio until or unless drive data is overwritten by some other data. It can be noted that Yodot software runs on all Windows OS versions (Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista and Windows Server editions).

Useful note:

  • Don’t suddenly turn-off the PC while system is performing read/write operations
  • It is a good practice to maintain regular backup of system files
  • Factory reset operation will completely wipe all saved data

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