How to Get Back Program Files?

Written by Lucy John on April 20, 2023

“I have mistakenly deleted few program files from Windows computer while searching for some files. As I have cleared the deleted items from Recycle Bin folder, I found quite a number of programs unable to launch now. Is there any method to get back those files?

Undeniably yes!!! Even if you are more careful, it is still possible to make mistakes and accidentally remove or delete program files that you want to use. Programs on your computer associated with large number of files to function properly. Deleting one of them can cause the entire program to crash or not even open. If you have mistakenly deleted one such file and a program is not working as it should, you may correct the issue without installing the entire program again. Microsoft created an option by using which you can reverse the problem you have faced. Below given are the steps that could help you in this regard:

However, sometimes even if you accidentally delete a file, this method fails to show you the files that got removed from the folder in which it has been saved. In that situation, if you want the program back, then go to the desktop and then click on the program to run. Instead of running, Windows will display a message that “the program XXX has been deleted. However you can restore it from Recycle Bin. Do you want to restore the file or delete it?” Click on the option “Restore”. The program files will be automatically restored and you can run the program. In case Recycle Bin has been emptied, then you will not get this message. In such circumstances, you should download the program from internet or install it using installation CD. However, if you don’t have the CD and unable to find the program in internet, then recover erased program files by using hard drive recovery software.

Program file recovery software

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery could be your finest choice if you are looking to retrieve program files that you have lost or deleted. This software can recover program files and after restoring you may run respective program without any difficulties. You just have to run the software and add file type or its signature to restore program files which has been removed from your Windows computer. You will be then able to rescue various program files such as EXE, DLL, INK, STP, LNG, DAT, etc. on all versions of Windows OS such as, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003.

Note: The software has already categorized all popular file types like Documents, Spreadsheets, Pictures, Digital RAW Images, Music, Video and many other file types on basis of their unique signature. However, to recover program files you should first add file type but it requires few important technical attributes like File signature in Hex, Offset value, File extension etc. You should first enter the details of all these then proceed further to recover your files.

Recovery steps:

Points to be remembered:

  • Once you have downloaded the software, burn it onto CD so that you can run it on the affected PC without damaging your chances of recovering the accidentally deleted file
  • Always close the program before you shutdown your computer

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