How to Retrieve Data upon Canceling Accidental Format?

Written by Lucy John on April 20, 2023

Many times it happens that you will get into problems accidentally and somehow you will be managed to stop that troublesome event; but you cannot overcome its outcome. You can get a clear picture of this explanation in below scenarios.

“I was viewing my USB drive settings and my kid hit the “Start format” button. Within 5 seconds I unplugged the drive. Later I reconnected the drive but I cannot read or open it. I spoke with few system technicians and they said that data is still present on drive since it is detached immediately. Do any of you know how to retrieve files present on the drive? The drive has my important works and family documents. I really need them.”

“I wanted to format my SD card, so I connected it with my Vista system. Then I selected Quick Format option. Later I came to know that it is my external hard drive so I hit Cancel button. Then I safely removed the drive and reconnected. A message was displayed on the screen stating that “There could be errors on drive f (my external drive): Want to check?” So I opted yes, but no result. I am unable to access my drive. Please help me”.

Format option is provided to assign a particular File System to any storage device by erasing its entire content. There are two types of format.

1) Quick format

2) Complete format

Quick format: It resets only the File System structure of respective drive. It means quick format removes information like file name and where they are stored on the device. But your entire files will be present on the drive.

Full/complete/High level Format: This action verifies your drive for the presence of bad sectors. It takes more time than quick format since it is to format the device fully. As this action wipes your drive completely, no files exist on the disk and the volume cannot be re-built to gain access after format.

Canceled accidental format process?

Whether you start quick format action intentionally or accidentally, but result will be the same. As soon as quick format process gets started, entire detail about drive like file system, data allocation table etc will be collected and removed. If you interrupt the format process in middle then there might be chances of drive corruption, data become inaccessible, data loss etc.

Chances of data recovery upon canceling quick format:

Stop performing any write-operations on the drive since your files are still present on it and they can be restored by employing effective recovery program.

Step by step procedure to retrieve data after canceling accidental format:

Why Yodot to restore files from accidental format process canceled drive?

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is a preferred tool to retrieve device data after you canceled accidental format action. The program has advanced scanning module that verifies each and every sector of your drive and restores all your precious files. If you are wondering how to restore files from partition that is formatted then the application is your answer, since the utility can even help in retrieving data on formatted external hard drive, internal HDD, USB drive, iPod, media cards or any other storage media. Even if your device is accumulated with bad sectors, affected with virus or got corrupted due to various reasons then also the tool assists you greatly. The program is compatible in restoration of all file types like MS Office, Adobe, photos, RAW images, video files, music, PDFs and more. The user friendly interface of the tool along with excellent technical team guidance provides you an easy and trouble-free retrieval process.


  • Prevent this issue in future by having appropriate backup copies
  • Read options and descriptions before you proceed to begin any action on your system

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