How to Fix Folder with Question Mark at Mac Startup Screen?

Sometimes, your Mac flashes a folder with question mark on startup screen instead of Apple logo. It’s not an issue unless Mac starts normally after this event. Usually, folder with question mark appears when Mac fails to locate its system software/boot directory. This problem can be easily resolved after your Mac booted completely. To do it,

In rare cases, Mac stuck at the screen containing folder with question mark and won’t boot at all. Possible causes for this issue could be undetected HDD or corrupted OS/hard disk. So, follow these troubleshooting to make your Macintosh bootable.

1.OS X recovery mode:

You may fail to find the startup disk while following above procedure. It indicates that your disk need repair. If so, then fix your disk via next technique and set it as startup disk.

2. Disk Utility:

If Disk Utility couldn’t find/repair your disk then you need to reformat the drive. But, ensure that you have a proper backup before doing so. If you don’t own backup then create one using Mac Data Recovery utility.

Yodot to Backup your Mac drives:

Yodot is the simplest way to recover non-bootable Mac drive data. The utility easily backs up files from inaccessible Mac HDD as well external drives. Your data will be in safe hands as this application is 100% virus-free. Any Mac user can use this software, as it has handy interface and offers sound technical assistance. The tool has beneficial options to smartly retrieve deleted Mac volume contents with no hassle. You can check out the link to know this program in detail.

Steps to Backup Macintosh That Shows Folder with Question Mark:

Look after your hard drive:

  • Frequently check your disk and resolve issues at early stages
  • Store system files and user data separately
  • Double-check before installing unknown applications

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