Rescue Data from Transcend Storejet

“Hi everyone, recently I have come across a forum where user queries on how to restore data from unintentionally formatted Transcend Storejet external hard drive on Mac system, without maintaining a backup of essential data preserved in it. And that user wants to know whether it is possible to retrieve erased data from Transcend Storejet external hard drive?”

Well, in case this is the inquiry running in your mind, then the answer is “Yes”. As deleted or lost files are not completely erased from Transcend Storejet external hard drive, only address entries of missing files are removed. Therefore, the Mac operating system fails to recognize erased data from Transcend Storejet portable hard drive and marks that memory space as free. But, the missing data is still present on Transcend Storejet external HDD storage space until that space is occupied by new data. So, one can regain lost or erased data using any data recovery applications.

What are the reasons for loss of data from Transcend Storejet external hard drive?

As a Transcend Storejet external hard drive user, if you are troubled from above mentioned data loss scenarios, then Yodot Mac Data Recovery utility provides complete assistance to extract erased data.

Transcend Storejet data recovery software:

Yodot Mac Data Recovery is the best data retrieval tool that can regain lost data or deleted information from Transcend Storejet external hard disk on Macintosh machines. This software perfectly scans the Transcend Storejet device after formatting, corruption and other issues. This utility supports restoration of data from various types of storage devices such as internal hard drives, memory cards, pen drives and others on Mac system. The application even supports recovering data from all existing Transcend Storejet external hard drive such as Storejet 25M3, Storejet 25M2, Storejet 25H3P, Storejet 25H2P, Storejet 25A3 and other models on Mac system. This utility is fully compatible with various versions of Mac operating systems such as Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

The application is not restricted for recovery of only Transcend Storejet drives. It plays a great role in restoring data even when you cannot open verbatim external drive files; thus supports numerous brands and types of storage devices.

Steps to recover data from Transcend Storejet portable hard drive:

What you should take care of?

  • After every use, try to detach the Transcend Storejet external hard drive using “Eject” or “Safe removal of hardware” option on computer
  • It is suggested to backup essential data on some other storage device
  • Make effort of restoring missing or deleted data from Transcend Storejet device as soon as possible

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