How to Retrieve Erased Files on Mac OS X?

“I use Macintosh system to save all my documents and other files that includes Word, text, spreadsheets, reports, access files, photos, movies, songs, PDFs, PPTs, emails, etc. And couple of days before while cleaning up my Mac system hard disk, I have erased few files thinking that they are not required further and also emptied the Trash after deletion. But, today I realized that those files contain necessary information and I do not have any backup copy of the files. How to get back those erased files on my Mac machine?”

Mac systems are the highly used computers across the world due to its advanced features and capabilities. It is also true that Mac systems are prone to common problems that will erase files saved on the system hard disk. But many times, Mac users wrongly erase files and become victim of data loss. So let us know few scenarios in which users face loss of files on Mac system due to its deletion:

How to get back files you erased on Macintosh system?

Whenever files are unintentionally erased on Mac system do not freak as there are wonderful ways to recover back your crucial files. Go to Time Machine utility on your Mac system that holds all recently modified files. So, if you have accidentally erased files then you can just recover back the files with the help of this utility. If this option does not fetch fruitful results, then try using good erased file recovery software exclusively available for Mac OS computers.

Best software to recover erased files on Mac OS:

One of the best software in retrieving erased files on Mac system is Yodot Mac File Recovery. This tool uses read-only recovery process to get back erased files on Mac OS X without altering the file contents. It is also capable of restoring all the files erased or emptied from Mac Trash. You can unerase erased files from various storage drives on Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Mac OS X Leopard and Mac OS X Lion etc operating systems. If you are wondering is it possible to recover data from erased Disk Utility by emplyoing this program, then answer is yes! You can rely on this efficient application to restore all your deleted or lost files upon any data loss instances.

Steps to restore erased files on Mac OS X:

Necessary things to be taken care of:

  • Before erasing any file make sure that it is not required for further usage
  • Maintain numerous copy of important files so that you won’t lose them when accidentally erased from Mac system
  • Do not download the software on same Mac volume from which files are erased

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