How to Retrieve Mail Folder after Sierra or El Capitan Upgrade?

Computer users often perform OS upgrade or update process to gain advanced features on their system. What if the upgradation done results in missing of vital data on the system? The thought itself is frustrating right? What would be the person’s condition, one who is experiencing such a strange thing? Below stated few scenarios based on alike real-time incidents. Have a look at them.

“I was using Yosemite on my Macbook. Today I upgraded to Sierra and installation went well. I can find all stuffs like documents, bookmarks, saved games on my computer after this upgrade, but all my files in Mail folder are missing!! I had almost 400 messages, in those many of were important! How do I get back all my emails?”

“I lost my Mail folder after upgraded my iMac to El Capitan. In that Mail folder I had saved copies of vital emails, which I wanted to refer in future. Now I lost all of them. How do I find all emails present in that folder?”

Sometimes this issue arises when there are pending updates after OS X upgrade. So, as a basic troubleshoot download adequate updates from Mac App Store, based on your OS X version. Then open your Mail folder and wait till your email library completes upgradation. It may take additional time if your Mail folder has more number of emails. Now see your mails are available or not.

If updating method fails to help you in restoring Mail folder then try below procedures one after the other until you can find your emails.

1. Recovered folder

2. Restore Email Account

3. Re-index mailbox

4. Time Machine

Restore all your emails to Mail Folder from Time Machine Backup.

Few users might not be successful in restoring their emails even after trying above techniques. Unfortunately, if you are also one in them, then it indicates your emails are lost. You have to to attempt other resolutions to recover your Mail folder.

Definite way to restore Mail folder after Sierra or El Capitan upgrade:

If you are wondering that what effort I should make to restore my emails, then Yodot Mac file Recovery is your answer. This quality Mac recovery utility saves you, when you are worried regarding lost emails of Mail folder after Sierra or El Capitan upgrade. The application can easily restore files missing after Mac shutdown, corruption, format, reinstall or any other instances. The program is specially designed for Macintosh OS, thus it scans each and every sector of your OS X and presents you with list of restorable data. With simple view options provided in the software you can easily select your required files. The tool offers smart interface and excellent technical guidance so restoration of data is guaranteed. Moreover it supports data restoration on all forms of storage devices like internal disk, portable hard disk, USB, Pen drive, Media cards etc. The software runs perfectly on all latest versions of Mac OS X. With the tool you can get back any of your files.

How to recover missing emails after Sierra or El Capitan upgrade?

Important Note!!

  • Never install any program on the volume on which your files are missing
  • Do not perform Read/Write operation on the location where you are facing data loss
  • Backup vital data before you upgrade OS X

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