Retrieving Video Files Deleted from Recycle Bin

“Hi everybody, yesterday while cleaning my computer I deleted some of the unwanted video files and emptied the Recycle Bin after that. But, later I came to realize that I have deleted some of my sister’s important video files. If she knew this, she would really get wounded and i don’t want to unhappy her. So, i kindly request you to help me restore deleted video files from Recycle Bin folder on Window system.”

Windows OS know the importance of files and hence provided Recycle Bin folder so that the deleted files gets stored in it. But if you empty Recycle Bin folder then you will not get any other option to restore your files. If you are the once who have emptied Recycle Bin containing photos, then this page will guide you an appropriate way to overcome it.

Common causes for loss of video files from Recycle Bin

Apart from the above listed scenarios, there are several unpredictable reasons for loss of Video files from your computer Recycle Bin. Sometimes Windows broken registry files lead to corruption of Recycle Bin. Thus you may come across an error message, states the recycle bin is corrupted do you want to empty it? Obviously you have to proceed with Yes since there is no other option. If so, files that were residing in recycle bin will not be available for further restoration. However, you can easily overcome these kinds of circumstances only if you have proper backup of deleted video files. If you have not maintained regular back then make use of Yodot Photo Recovery to get back your precious files.

Best deleted video file recovery tool:

Yodot Photo Recovery is well-known media file recovery software specially designed for recovering deleted video files from recycle bin folder on Windows computer. Apart from Recycle Bin, it has the ability to retrieve videos or other media files from storage devices like external HDD, thumb drive, flash drive, memory cards, etc. This program provides user friendly interface to retrieve deleted videos from system with few simple recovery steps. This application provides “RAW Search” option to find the specific files with the help of unique signature in order to avoid full scanning of the computer hard drive. This software efficiently works in all edition of Window operating system.

Procedure to restore deleted video files from Recycle Bin:

Point to Note:

  • It’s good to have additional backup of essential video files on other reliable storage device
  • Install an excellent anti-virus application to provide security for video files stored in system
  • Cross check the recycle bin for missing files before you empty that folder

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