Sony XQD Card Recovery

“I have Sony XQD memory card which is equipped with Nikon D4 digital camera. It had huge collection of photos and videos but I lost all them due to accidental formatting. Being photographer, it is a great loss for me so I wanted to know whether it is possible to recover those files”

If you are the one who had faced loss of precious pictures and video files in the same manner….Well, it is not at all a big issue. Most storage devices do not wipe files after delete or format command. Therefore you can try good photo recovery software in order to get all the files back.

The XQD memory card specification supports high-performance, high speed to capture and process digital pictures. With amazing data transfer speeds, Sony XQD Memory Card assists you to capture photos and record videos in the highest quality. But even after having such wonderful features, you may lose files from it due to known or unknown reasons. Following are the few reasons for loss of media files from XQD memory card:

Explanation about the software

Yodot Photo Recovery is comprehensive software for recovering all media files from XQD memory card in an efficient manner. This photo recovery software offers inexpensive and reliable way to get back photos, RAW images, videos, music files from XQD or other memory cards on your own. It uses safe, proprietary mechanisms to scan your  XQD card and hence presents all the deleted and lost files. If you want to recover particular file type, you can easily search as it provides search box, using which you can search for any desired file type that you are looking for.

Follow the steps to recover XQD card files

Useful Tips

  • It is suggested that you don’t use your camera when the battery is low
  • As soon as you realized that you lost data from XQD card, stop using it
  • While deleting any file from XQD card, double check to confirm that you have selected right one to delete
  • Do not save recovered files again on XQD card to prevent overwriting
  • Make use of any good antivirus software to scan the memory card for viruses
  • While disconnecting your XQD card, right click on the drive and click on “Eject” option to avoid data loss

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