How to Retrieve iTunes songs after PC Crash?

“Hi All, please let me know any helpful solution to get iTunes songs back on my Windows PC. It was me who turned off PC after it crashed in between during syncing of iTunes songs. I have re-downloaded some library songs which were purchased from iTunes store but rest of iTunes songs are still missing. How can I get them back? Thanks in advance!”.

Freezing of hard drive or crash of PC often results in data loss especially when it happens during the read/write operation. You may lose your favorite collection of songs from iTunes library if system crash occurs when several processes are looking for shared resources that are also needed by iTunes. Below listed points gives brief introduction about analysis which result in PC crash and subsequently you meet data loss by losing your iTunes songs.

  • PC crash is possible due to software and hardware errors which may leads to the conflicts when accessing some resources simultaneously
  • Fragmentation of computer hard drive can slow down computer performance and often leads to the crash
  • Insufficient RAM overheating cluttered registry power failure etc can affect OS performance and result in PC hard drive crash
  • You may lose iTunes songs when Windows computer is crashed because of malicious virus or malware programs

How iTunes songs can be recovered after PC is crash?

If you have not preserved any backup of your favorite iTunes music files that have been lost after computer crash, immediate make search for any efficient media file recovery tool. Yodot Photo Recovery is highly reviewed program that can help you effectively in restoring iTunes Library songs which are missing after PC crash. This software has developed with the set of comprehensive features and meets all industry standards to deliver the best result by ensuring easy and risk free media file recovery on different Windows OS enabled computers. Even this application helps users in restoring iTunes Library after Windows reinstall, system restore, file system corruption, re-formatting and other similar data loss circumstances. It performs rigorous scanning of crashed system hard drive and recovers music files, videos, pictures and kinds of media files which have become inaccessible or missing on hard drive. Since this image file recovery software has user-friendly wizard, any novice or professional user can accomplish iTunes songs recovery operation with great ease.

Easy procedure to restore iTunes music after system crash:

  • Click on Download button to get Yodot Photo Recovery wizard on healthy PC and then install it
  • Connect crashed PC hard drive as external storage drive before running the installed software
  • Close iTunes media player if it is running and then launch the software to start songs recovery
  • The main window offers two powerful features “Lost Photo Recovery” and “Deleted Photo Recovery”
  • Since you need to get back iTunes songs that have lost after system crash, use “Lost Photo Recovery” option
  • In the next window you will be displayed a list of all logical drives/ partitions select the partition where iTunes songs were saved
  • As you hit the Next tab the recovery tool initiates scanning of selected drive/partition to bring back all missing iTunes music files
  • Recovered iTunes songs will be displayed under ‘File Type’ and ‘Data Type’ view hierarchy. Pick any song and use Preview option to ensure successful iTunes songs recovery
  • Eventually, you need to save all retrieved iTunes music files after selecting a storage location on your PC hard drive or to any external storage device

Also remember following tips!

  • Store backup of necessary data including your iTunes music files on some other storage drive
  • Install regular updates on your computer operating system and iTunes media player app
  • Defrag you computer hard drive avoid overheating power failure etc to reduce chances of system crash

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