Recover Missing My Pictures Folder on Windows 7

“I reinstalled Windows 7 operating system in my computer as I found some logical errors. I backed up data stored in Windows 7 hard drive before going for reinstallation. But, later when I opened backup to restore my data on Windows 7 system, I didn’t find My Pictures folder containing all my treasured images. I think I have skipped My Pictures folder while taking backup of data on Windows 7 system! How can I get back My Pictures folder on Windows 7 PC? Please anyone help me!”

Is this look like your problem? Don’t worry!! My Pictures is folder provides default location for photo files stored in your Windows 7 system. Often Windows 7 users experience loss of images from My Pictures folder; even some unfortunate situations lead to loss of entire My Pictures folder itself from Windows 7 hard drive. Causes may be different form user to user, but outcome is one i.e loss of My Picture folder. Let us glance at various events that Windows 7 user come across in losing My Pictures folder:

  • Virus infection on Windows 7 hard disk drive partition where My Picture folder is located might make it invisible
  • File system corruption on particular drive on Windows 7 computer that holds My Pictures folder can cause inaccessibility of all photos stored in that folder
  • Bad sectors on hard drive, third party software conflictions, unintentionally formatting Windows 7 partitions, etc. counts for loss of My Picture folder

However, lost images from missing My Pictures folder on Windows 7 system are not permanently removed from respective memory location. When photos are lost, only registry file entries of related files will be deleted by making its content inaccessible to Windows 7 OS. Thus, stop storing new data further on that storage space to avoid data overwriting and make use of prominent photo recovery application to get back lost images from missing My Picture folder on Windows 7 computer.

Missing My Picture folder recovery:

One of the best methods to extract missing My Pictures folder including photos stored in it is by reliable picture retrieval software such as Yodot Photo Recovery. This tool can restore various photo file types such as JPEG, JPG, TIFF, GIF, PSD, IMG, PIC, etc. from lost My Pictures folder on Windows 7 system. You can even rescue media files like audios, movies and RAW photos from Windows 7 hard drive. Along with Windows 7, this program can recover My Pictures folder in Windows XP, Vista, 8, 8.1, 10, Server 2008 and 2003 Windows operating systems. Since, the utlity supports media file recovery on numerous storage devices with ease, you never experience loss of files on external hard drive, internal drive, iPod, flash drive or any storage media.

Steps to get back missing My Picture folder from Windows 7:

  • Download and install Yodot Photo Recovery application on Windows 7 system
  • Launch the utility and track given instructions shown on-screen
  • From main windows, choose “Lost Photo Recovery” option from provided options
  • After clicking next, a windows displays with all drives or partitions present on Windows 7 PC
  • Select drive (C:Drive) from which My Pictures folder was lost and proceed further
  • Next, the software scans selected partition thoroughly
  • Subsequently, this utility displays recovered My Pictures folder along with photos stored in it under “File Type View” or “Data View”
  • And continue to save required images from retrieved My Picture folder by specifying new destination location on Windows 7 system HDD

Useful Suggestions:

  • Backup My Pictures folder of Windows 7 system on secure external storage devices
  • Confirm twice before formatting Windows 7 hard drive partitions
  • Make use of good anti-virus software on Windows 7 computer