Find Missing Music Files from External Hrad Drive

“Hi there, I connected my external hard disk on to my Windows PC and started to move certain backup music files from this portable drive to system drive. But, during file transfer process the system got shutdown due to sudden power surge. This dismissed the transfer process. After resuming power, I turned on the system to continue the process of file transfer and noticed that the bunch of music files that I was trying to transfer were missing from external hard drive. Can anyone please suggest me a good solution to restore all the missing music files from external hard disk?”

Music is the universal language that people of different region, race, language, country can understand. Listening to music will make a person relaxed and energized easily. Such music files are generally stored on various digital storage devices and gadgets; one such storage media is portable hard drive. Computer users hoard huge number of files including songs on external hard drives and these files can be lost at any moment in the following scenarios:

In these various instances, music files from external hard disk will go missing and thus one might have to face loss of favorite and preserved audio files. However, missing files like music and others can be retrieved back easily with the use of ultimate recovery tool. Nevertheless, one should take precautionary measures to avoid data overwriting on the external hard drive soon after encountering missing of music files on it. This is because missing or deleting any file will not remove it completely from the external hard disk. The process just removes the index pointer of that file in registry and thus making the file invisible to operating system. So, if adding new files on to removable drive is avoided after any songs are missed from it, then recovery of these missing music files is possible./p>

Anyhow, one might think like which software can perform excellent retrieval of audio files missing from external hard drive? One stop solution for this query is usage of Yodot Photo Recovery tool. This application is brilliantly built with recovery experts to perform hassle free recovery of media files like music files, RAW images, videos, documents, pictures that disappeared from hard drives, USB flash drives, memory cards, iPods as well as from iPods within few simple clicks. All types of music files like AAC, WAV, AIFF, MP3, etc. can be rescued on desktops and laptops running with major Windows operating systems.

Follow these instructions to get music files missing from external hard drive:

Safety Measures:

  • Do not interrupt music file transfer process from external hard drive
  • Use Safely remove option while ejecting the drive from system
  • Avoid using unsecured third party utilities to perform activities on external hard drive

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