How to Get Photos from Bad Memory Card?

“Hi, I am a professional photographer and I have never come across any memory card issue in my service before. But now, my memory card after being used by me in a marriage photo shoot has gone corrupted. I really don’t understand what has gone wrong. All the pictures of marriage are gone and my customer will not leave me if I do not provide him the photographs which I had shot using my digital camera. Please suggest me with solution to save me from the customer.”

The above scenario may be very rare as professionals take precautions to avoid any loss from memory card. But sometimes due to any technical error or manufacturing defect of memory card, it may fail or turn bad. Do not bother much on how to retrieve pictures from bad memory card using photo recovery software. But before doing anything, let us know about the causes for bad memory card which are as given below:

Causes for bad memory card:

If any of the above mentioned causes are responsible for your memory card that turns bad and files saved on it becomes inaccessible, then you can recover photos from it using Yodot Photo Recovery software.

Features of picture recovery software:

Photos from bad memory card can be retrieved using Yodot Photo Recovery software. The tool is capable of restoring pictures of different types like JPEG, JPG, GIF, TIF, PNG, etc. on your memory card. You can even retrieve RAW images produced by professional digital cameras, videos, music files and other documents from bad memory card. This program can be used to get back media files from memory cards like SD cards, SDHC cards, SDxC cards, xD cards, CF cards, Memory Sticks, etc.

Simple steps to retrieve pictures from bad memory card:

Ideas to avoid picture loss:

  • Use high quality memory cards of popular brands
  • Make sure that you backup important pictures on memory card
  • Switch off the camera before removing memory card from it

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