How to Recover Deleted Paint Files?

“Hello, few days ago, I accidentally deleted one of my digital paintings (in fact, it is a sync problem with a cloud provider, so the file is neither on my computer nor in the Recycle Bin, just deleted). I tried several techniques to get back the deleted paint files but it was of no use. Can someone help me to restore the deleted data? The deleted paint file is much important to me. Please suggest an application that can undo the deletion of those files”

Paint files can be created on any version of Windows operating system. These paint files are saved on the hard drive with PNG file format. User can access them as desired with the help of Paint application that is present in your Windows computer. While accessing these files, there are certain issues that come up which causes deletion of important data? There is no need to get upset as recovery process can be done by using best third party tool. But first, get to know the reasons that have caused deletion of paint files as listed below:

With files being deleted every now and then, it has become a tough task for users to maintain backup of important files. Once these files disappear from system screen, the best and simplest way to get them back would be the usage of best third party data recovery tool. Yodot Photo Recovery tool is the best choice in this regard to rescue erased paint files.

Program for restoring paint files:

Yodot Photo Recovery application is opted by most of the computer users to get back paint files that were deleted as a result of various scenarios noted above. With the help of simple user interface and advanced list of options, even a novice user can perform paint file recovery process within a minimum amount of time. By using the preview option available within the software, the rescued paint files from the respective drive can be viewed before restoration on relevant destination location. Apart from recovering deleted paint files, you can also get back other generic photo file formats, RAW images, videos, music files and other media files from various storage media like internal hard drives, external hard drives, media players, iPods and many more. This application can be effortlessly installed on various versions of Windows operating systems like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and 2008.

Follow simple steps to recover deleted paint files from Windows system:

Helpful Suggestions:

  • Avoid saving the files to the same destination location from where they were recovered
  • Maintain backup of important paint files in separate external hard drive
  • Double check the files before deleting them

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