How to Retrieve Videos from Camcorder?

Assume a situation, where you have captured beautiful photos and recorded many videos in a trip with your friends. You were enjoying clicking photos but suddenly your Camcorder displays “battery low” sign. You didn’t bother about this warning and continued taking photos till Camcorder turned off by itself. After returning home, you eagerly connect Camcorder to computer for viewing photos and videos, but your happiness fades away the moment you could not see any of them on Camcorder’s memory card.

Most of the videos and photos captured on vacation are missing or erased from Camcorder. Under such annoyed situation you may think that your precious videos and photos are gone forever from Camcorder. But don’t get upset, you are not alone to face loss of files from camcorder there are many users who lose their important pictures, videos, etc from Camcorder and regret later. Luckily lost files from camcorder can be recovered with aid of appropriate photo recovery software.

The Camcorder uses a read-write process to record data into its memory. When Camcorders runs low on battery and gets switched off while taking a video, the write process is interrupted. On the other hand, read process is broken if you view videos when Camcorder battery is low. In both cases, files on Camcorder become unavailable.

Other situations that could make you lose files from Camcorder are mentioned below:

Note:If you accidentally meet any of above situations, then the first thing you should keep in mind is not to attempt using your camcorder for further video recording or adding new files. Also if Camcorder’s memory card is corrupted, then do not format it until you recover files from Camcorder. By doing this, you can avoid overwriting of Camcorder files with new files and permanent loss of files from Camcorder’s memory card. In the next step, you have to choose accurate photo recovery tool like Yodot Photo Recovery to bring back media files from Camcorder.

Camcorder video recovery software

Yodot Photo Recovery is one that can surely help you to take the stress out. This is the best tool to rescue your deleted, lost or missing photos, videos and audio files from variety of Camcorder brands such as Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Kodak, etc. You can preview the recovered files from Camcorder once the scanning process gets completed. So by utilizing preview option you can check the recovery quality and see if you have selected right one to recover. This software is 100% safe and secure to use as it is virus free and does not modify file content during the recovery process.

Steps to perform Camcorder file recovery:

Important Points

  • Stop recording videos or taking pictures when you get “Low battery” warning on your camcorder
  • Make sure that you don’t attach your camcorder to computers that runs on different operating systems
  • Avoid adding new files when your camcorder’s memory is full

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