Photo Recovery from Locked iPod

“Need help!! My iPod is locked somehow and I don’t have password to unlock and access all the data present in it. There were some important pics, all my favorite songs and movie files saved in iPod, which is now locked and not letting me to access any of these files. I have backup copy of songs and movies from iPod, but not the photos. So I cannot reset / restore it to factory settings. Can anyone suggest me how to recover pictures from locked iPod on Windows?”

iPod users may sometimes encounter a situation like above wherein users fail to access data on iPod as it is locked and user doesn’t have password / passcode to break the lock. However, data from locked iPod can be accessed by connecting it to computer. Some may think that this is impossible, but setting a passcode will not encrypt any data on iPod, it only protects unauthorized access to the iPod. But, sometimes when user forgets the passcode, number of attempts to unlock iPod using wrong password will corrupt it, after which even after connecting to computer user cannot copy data from it.

Applying lock for iPod is necessary whenever you want to protect data on iPod from unauthorized access. But this will turn in to a disaster if passcode is lost / forgot. Manually, one can unlock and recover data from locked iPod by following below procedure on Windows PC:

  • Connect your iPod as a Disk drive on computer. To do this, open Windows Explorer and hold down Ctrl and Shift keys while you are connecting the iPod, until the iPod is shown as removable hard disk in Explorer / in iTunes source list if it opens (Doing this will stop automatic syncing of iPod in iTunes so that iPod data won’t be affected)
  • Now, in Explorer click on iPod and configure Windows Explorer to show all hidden files on iPod. To do this, go to tools In explorer or Control Panel -> Folder options -> View -> Show hidden files and folders
  • When all hidden files are shown, open iPod_Control folder, click on Device folder. This folder shows various files including password file with the name “ _locked”. Rename this file as _unlocked. Then close all tabs and safely remove iPod from computer just like any external drive.

However, this method may not yield results in most of the cases. In case user wants to recover photos from locked, corrupted, restored or inaccessible iPod then the best approach is to employ alternative iPod recovery software. There are many alternative iPod data recovery tools to bring back photos, music, etc. from locked or inaccessible iPod models and most suggested software is Yodot Photo Recovery tool.

Key features of best iPod photo recovery tool:

This software is recommended by many data recovery experts as it can safely recover all data from locked iPods. Any novice user can employ this tool as it includes user friendly interfaced recovery steps. Equipped with hybrid restore modules, this tool can recover photos of file types JPEG, IMG, PNG, GIFF, TIF, JPG, PIC, NEF, CR2, ORF, PEF and many more. It can even retrieve music and video files along with photo files after accidental deletion or loss scenarios from various storage devices just in clicks. This program can easily perform photo recovery from iPod Classic, iPod Nano, iPod Mini and iPod Shuffle models at extreme ease. This amazing iPod recovery tool can be utilized on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2008 and Windows XP OS based computers / laptops.

Guidelines to restore photos and other data from locked iPod:

  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery tool on your Windows computer and connect your iPod to this
  • Install and run the utility according to given instructions
  • A main screen will show two options to select namely Deleted Photo Recovery and Lost Photo Recovery
  • Click on Lost Photo Recovery and proceed next
  • Select the drive that represents locked iPod from which photos have to recovered and click next
  • If required select the file types to be restored or simply press Skip button
  • The program scans iPod completely and retrieves all possible pictures and other files from it
  • View the rescued files in Data View / File Type View and then examine selected picture files using Preview button
  • At last save the files to desired destination location on host computer

Points to Remember:

  • Always keep backup of iPod files in order to overcome data disasters on iPod
  • While setting passcode to iPod, note that code anywhere accessible by you, to avoid loss / forgotten password situations