Photo Recovery from Locked iPod

“Need help!! My iPod is locked somehow and I don’t have a password to unlock and access all the data present in it. There were some important pics, all my favorite songs, and movie files saved on the iPod, which is now locked and not letting me access any of these files. I have a backup copy of songs and movies from the iPod, but not the photos. So I cannot reset/restore it to factory settings. Can anyone suggest to me how to recover pictures from a locked iPod on Windows?”

iPod users may sometimes encounter a situation like the above wherein users fail to access data on iPod as it is locked and the user doesn’t have a password/passcode to break the lock. However, data from locked iPods can be accessed by connecting it to the computer. Some may think that this is impossible, but setting a passcode will not encrypt any data on iPod, it only protects against unauthorized access to the iPod. But, sometimes when a user forgets the passcode, a number of attempts to unlock the iPod using the wrong password will corrupt it, after which even after connecting to the computer user cannot copy data from it.

Applying a lock for iPod is necessary whenever you want to protect data on iPod from unauthorized access. But this will turn into a disaster if the passcode is lost/forgotten.

Methods to Recover Photos from Locked/Disabled iPod

Method 1: Get Photos Out Of iPod By Connecting To A Computer

Follow the simple steps to back up and restore the device.

  1. Connect the locked iPod to your computer via USB.
  2. Click on This Computer and locate your iPod under Devices.
  3. Open the iPod and double-click on DCIM folder.
  4. Now, cut all the photos out of DCIM folder and paste it in the desired location from where you can restore the photos to iPod back again.

Method 2: Import Pictures From A Locked iPod Using The Windows Media Gallery

Follow the below steps to recover pictures from a locked iPod using the windows media gallery.

  1. Download the latest version of iTunes and then connect the device via USB
  2. Run the photos App on your computer and click Import at the top right corner
  3. Select the photos you want to import to the computer and then click on Continue.

Method 3: Recover pictures from locked iPod using iCloud backup

You can recover the photos from loaked or disabled iPod by using iCloud Backup. You just need to erase the device and then start recovering data on the iPod via iCloud Backup.

  1. Sign in to iCloud from another device with your Apple ID, click on All Devices and select the locked iPod that you want to erase.
  2. Click on Erase iPod. (by doing this, you will erase the device and its passcode, and you will be taken back the set up screen.)
  3. Now, turn on the iPod and keep following the prompts on the setup screen until you get to Apps & Data screen. Click on Restore From iCloud Backup.
  4. Finally sign in with your Apple ID and select Backup.

Don’t worry if you have fail to recover photos from locked or disabled iPod, with the help of next method in just few clicks.

Method 4: Best Way To Recover Data From Locked iPod Using Yodot Photo Recovery

Yodot Photo Recovery software is the quickest and most reliable way to recover photos from your locked iPod. It can even retrieve music and video files along with photo files after accidental deletion or loss scenarios from various storage devices with just a few clicks.

Steps to restore photos and other data from locked iPod:

Note: This program can also perform photo recovery from iPod Classic, iPod Nano, iPod Mini, and iPod Shuffle models at extreme ease.

Points to Remember:

  • Always keep a backup of iPod files in order to overcome data disasters on iPod.
  • While setting a passcode to iPod, note that code anywhere accessible by you, to avoid loss / forgotten password situations.

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