How to Fix SD Card Fragment Error?

“I have a 16GB FAT32 formatted SD card. I downloaded latest version of kernel onto the card. Then I put a game in root folder and started it with my 3DS. I got into the main menu, opened games tab and found my game in the list. When I clicked on the game I got a message stated that, “SD card fragment error! Backup SD card, then perform full format”. And now am stuck on the loading screen. I am worried because, along with games I have stored lot of important files, photos on my SD card. And it is asking me to format!! If I format it then I will lose all my stuffs. Hope I can find ways to handle this situation”.

Many users get the fragmentation error while using SD cards. When SD card saves new file, it breaks the file into many number of bits. Hence, data ends up in spreading all over the card. As information of one file is stored on many spots within the card memory, the card is in fragmented state. When you access data from fragmented card, it has to pull every bit from each location. This is generally very tough than fetching one constant block of data from a sole position on the card. This may slow down the processing speed of card and cause fragment errors.

So now how to solve this problem? When you meet this crisis it is wiser to backup all your data from the card first. Later you need to initialize the SD card to clear-out fragmentation.

To backup your SD memory card data:

  • Connect your SD card to computer
  • Copy entire data
  • Paste it onto safe location on the system hard drive
  • Verify the destination to where you copied all files from SD card

To initialize (format) your SD card:

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Click on Administrative Tools
  • Choose Computer Management
  • Select Format option
  • Hit Ok button

If fragment error is not allowing you to access/copy SD memory card data then follow below stated procedure.

  • Get access of Yodot Photo Recovery tool using “Download Now” button
  • Launch the program after installing completely
  • Click on “Lost Photo Recovery” and select your SD card
  • Choose “Skip” option and wait
  • Entire SD card data will be displayed in two view pattern
  • Mark your SD card files in “File Type View” or “Data View”
  • “Preview” media files if you wish
  • Finally save your files on computer hard drive

SD card recovery software:

Since your data is precious it is sensible to go with reliable SD card recovery program like Yodot, which recovers data from corrupted, inaccessible or erroneous NTFS, NTFS 5, exFAT, FAT16 and FAT32 formatted SD card. The tool retrieves all media files from every sort of SD cards. The utility assists you in restoring photos, videos, RAW pictures, audios, Office documents that are lost after virus infection, power failure, improper usage etc. The application accomplishes data restoration in fewer spans of time through its user-friendly GUI. Apart from SD memory card the tool assists you in retrieving hard drive, external hard drive, USB, Pen drive and many other storage spaces. This software is capable of restoring data even after serious errors like SD card write protected, SD card locked and so on.


  • If you're using SD card constantly, then initialize it every 3 months; to prevent errors
  • If you don’t have habit of using card reader then start to use it from now onwards