Resolve Error PowerPoint File Too Big

MS PowerPoint is an extensively used part of MS Office suite that facilitates Windows users to create slide-based presentations to represent their business ideas in a most effective way. However, PowerPoint presentations are big in size and have a complex file structure; because it contain multiple slides which are arranged in an order and have various objects like images, charts, formatted text, audio and videos clips. Because of large file size and difficult structure, PowerPoint presentations are much exposed to corruption and can become inaccessible with an error PowerPoint file too big. Obviously, your hard work may go to vain if presentation gets corrupt due to large size and other issues.

There are many factors which can make your large size presentation corrupted. For example, interruptions in download process are possible when downloading a large size PowerPoint file that could make file inaccessible with error PowerPoint file too large. Viruses also have easy access to the internal structure of large size presentation as a result they can easily damage presentation file by modifying or deleting some part.

Basic reason for such error stating about increased size of the PowerPoint presentation is when presentation has one or more embedded fonts. Also large file size error may occur if you save MS PowerPoint presentation to its successor versions i.e. MS PowerPoint 2002/2003/2007 and so on. Some users try to fix error by reducing the file size with compression tool and such efforts easily render corruption of presentation file. After that users need to employ suitable PowerPoint file repair program to heal repair inaccessible PPT file with error PowerPoint file is too big.

Large sized PowerPoint presentation error repair tool!

In case, you reduce file size to work around error PowerPoint file is too big but left with corrupted file, take help of any professional PPT repair tool to repair presentation. Yodot PPT Repair tool is regarded as one the most trusted utility for repairing PPT/PPTX file showing PowerPoint file is too big or large error. This software uses advanced scanning algorithms to fix corrupted, damaged or inaccessible presentations that are created in MS PowerPoint 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 versions. You can run this program to fix PowerPoint not enough memory error and other type error messages on all Windows PCs or notebooks. This application has user friendly wizard that facilitates users to fix error PowerPoint file too big in very easy and quick way.

Steps to resolve PowerPoint file too big error!

Suggested Tips!

  • Backup your crucial presentations to different storage location
  • Install an updated anti-virus protection to your computer
  • Use a reliable tool to reduce size of large PowerPoint documents

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