Repair AVI after Input File is Not an AVI File Error

“I have recorded few AVI videos using my camcorder and they were playing well on it. But when I transferred those video to my computer, all of them are showing error message saying ‘Input file is not AVI file’. There were not any interruptions at the time of transferring files. How can I solve this error and make my AVI files playable on my computer?”

If you are frequently getting ‘Input file is not AVI file’ error message, then definitely AVI file is corrupted. It is obvious to get doubt how did AVI file get corrupted without any interruption. Well, in your case the system in which you have copied AVI files might have been infected with viruses which have corrupted them. In addition to this, AVI file is suspected to show ‘input file is not AVI file’ error due to following reasons:

  • Incomplete Download: Internal structure of AVI file will be affected if the download process gets terminated due to power failure, unexpected system shutdown or loss of net connection. As a consequence of this, AVI file refuse to open by displaying error message
  • Improper Transfer: When transfer process is interrupted by abrupt system shutdown or sudden removal of external storage device may cause corruption of AVI files
  • Bad Sectors: Bad sectors usually form on aged hard drive and if AVI files are saved on such sectors, then they would get corrupted  and show input file is not an AVI file error
  • Memory Full: If you try to save AVI file on storage device whose memory is almost full, then AVI file could be partially transferred or truncated and becomes invalid

First and the foremost thing you need to do when you get ‘input file is not an AVI file’ error warning is checking whether correct Codec is installed or not. If there is Codec issue, then solve it by installing Codec to play AVI file. In case everything is okay and AVI file still displays error message, then without any delay use Yodot AVI Repair software on your computer.

Solving input file is not an AVI file error

Yodot AVI Repair software guides you in an easy way to fix the error ‘input file is not an AVI file’ on your Windows or Mac computer. In addition, it will also repair AVI file index error, CRC error, codec error, audio video sync error, fix AVI files with no sound error, and other error messages  while opening AVI file,. This AVI repair software can also be used to fix DIVX and XVID video file stored on your Windows and Mac OS. It even supports to fix corrupted AVI, DIVX and XVID videos that have been recorded using different camcorders and digital media devices. Moreover, corrupted AVI file can be repaired in very less time and you could see repaired video just by clicking on ‘Preview’ option provided on the screen.

Procedure to resolve input file is not an AVI file error:

  • Download Yodot AVI Repair software and install it to your computer
  • Run the software and follow instructions given on the screen
  • As soon as you run the software, you will be asked to choose corrupted AVI file
  • After selecting damaged AVI file, wait for few minutes as the software takes some time to finish scanning process
  • Once the scanning is done, you will be presented with a message indicating successful repair of AVI video file
  • Preview AVI file and then save it on a safe location you prefer on your computer

Actions to be taken:

  • Scan your computer with antivirus software when you download any AVI file from internet
  • Never try to save AVI file on a storage device which is running out of memory or virus infected