How to Repair a Corrupted Partition and Recover Data?

Wondering how to recover data from a corrupted partition? Looking for the possible ways to recover damaged partition and how to fix it, this page provides a simple and clear guide to help you learn everything you need to know about recovering damaged partitions. It also offers various DIY methods to repair the damaged partition.

A partition is a section or division of a storage device like a hard drive. It helps organize and manage data by separating it into different sections. Each partition has its own file system and is treated as an independent unit. It allows for better data management and can be used for various purposes, such as installing operating systems or organizing user files.

Don’t worry if you have corrupted partitions and lost data. This article will help you understand what they are, why data loss happens, and how to recover your lost data using simple methods and a reliable tool called Yodot Hard Drive Recovery.

Understanding Corrupted/Damaged Partitions

A partition is a section of a computer’s storage space that is used to organize and store data. When a partition becomes corrupted, something has gone wrong with that specific section, and is not functioning properly. Corruption can occur for various reasons, such as software errors, power outages, or hardware failures.

Remember always to exercise caution and take preventive measures, such as keeping your system updated and using reliable storage devices to fix damaged partitions.

As your hard drive partition is damaged, immediately proceed to recover data from the partition and proceed with repairing it.

To easily recover your corrupted partition, you can utilize a professional partition recovery tool like Yodot.

Yodot is a powerful software designed for recovering lost or deleted files from different storage devices. It offers an advanced partition recovery feature that allows for quickly restoring lost partitions and recovering valuable data. If you have experienced a damaged or corrupted partition, there’s no need to worry. Simply download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery to efficiently retrieve your valuable data in no time.

Recover a Damaged/Corrupted Partition Using Data Recovery Software

I. Yodot Hard Drive Recovery

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software is a reliable solution for recovering corrupted or damaged data from your computer or storage devices. It is compatible with all types of hard drives and can effectively recover data from damaged or corrupted ones.

If you need a tool to recover data from your corrupted hard drive, Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is an excellent choice.

Steps To Recover a Damaged Partition: 

Step 1: Download and Run the Yodot Hard Drive Recovery

Step 2: Once you have installed the software, open the application and choose the option for partition recovery.


Step 3: From the list of drives, locate and select the Corrupted partitioned hard drive. Proceed by clicking on “Next.” Next, choose the specific partition you wish to recover and click “Next” to initiate the recovery process.


Step 4: Mark the folders and files that you want to restore using the Data View or File Type View tabs.


Step 5: You can preview the recovered files from the Corrupted partition by using the Preview option.


Step 6: Finally, save the recovered files to your preferred destination location by clicking on the Save button.


II. Windows file recovery

Microsoft provides a free data recovery tool called Windows File Recovery, which was released in May 2020. It allows you to recover files using your Microsoft account.

Here are the steps to install and use Windows File Recovery for data recovery:

Step 1: Open the Microsoft Store, search for Windows file recovery, and click Get.


Step 2: Open Command Prompt, enter the command “winfr C: D:\RecoveredFiles /regular” (replace “C:” with the drive letter and “D:\RecoveredFiles” with the output path), then press Enter.

open-command-prompt-and-type-winfr C: D:\Recoverdfiles/regular"-to-fix-corrupted-partition

Step 3: Press “Y” to proceed. Once the recovery process is finished, press “Y” again to open the recovered files.


Once you are done recovering the data, Follow the next section to repair the damaged drive partition to fix issues in them.

Solutions to Repair Damaged or Corrupted Partition

There are various ways to repair corrupted/damaged partitions and recover data from them. The below section provides you with some tried and tested ways to do so.

Fix 1: Add or Change Drive Letter

Step 1: To begin, right-click on the Start button in Windows and select “Disk Management” from the menu that appears.


Step 2: First, find the drive that is causing the problem. Right-click on that drive, and then click on “Change Drive Letter and Paths…”


Step 3: When a pop-up window appears, locate the current drive letter and click on it. Then, select the option “Change…”


Step 4: Select “Assign the following drive letter,” choose a letter from the dropdown menu on the right, and click “OK.”


If the above-mentioned method does not work, try using the below-mentioned method using CheckDisk (CHKDSK).

Fix 2: Repair Corrupted Partition Using CheckDisk

If you have a corrupted partition with a damaged file system, you can use Window’s built-in disk check tool to fix it.

Step 1: To open Command Prompt as an administrator, press “Windows+  R,” type “CMD,” and hit enter.

Step 2: Enter the command “CHKDSK” and then press the Enter key to scan for the partition errors in the corrupted partition.

Step 3: To repair the drive you want (let’s say it’s drive F), type “chkdsk G: /f /r /x” and press Enter.


After the process is complete, check if the files in the partition are in good condition and can be accessed.

Fix 3: Fix Damaged Partition Using TestDisk

TestDisk is a free and open-source partition recovery tool that specializes in recovering lost partitions. It operates through a command-line interface but is user-friendly if you follow the provided instructions. TestDisk relies on donations for funding and can effectively restore your lost partitions.

If none of the above-mentioned solutions did not work for you, try using TestDisk as an alternative option.

Step 1: Download and extract the TestDisk folder to your computer.


Step 2: Right-click on “testdisk_win” and select “Run as administrator.” If Microsoft Defender SmartScreen blocks it, click “More info” and then choose “Run anyway.”


Step 3: To continue without creating a log, use the arrow keys to select “No Log” and press Enter. If you prefer, you can choose to create a log.


Step 4: Choose the hard drive that has the corrupted partition by highlighting it, and then press Enter.


Step 5: Choose the appropriate partition table type. TestDisk typically detects this automatically and moves to the correct option. Simply press Enter to proceed.


Step 6: Press Enter to allow TestDisk to analyze the disk.


Step 7: Press Enter again to begin the Quick Search process.


Step 8: Select the lost partition and press Enter after the scan has been completed.


Step 9: Navigate to the “Write” option and press Enter.


Step 10: Press Y to confirm and write the new partition table.

Step 11: Press Enter to proceed. Your computer will then need to reboot.

Following the above steps will assist you in repairing your corrupted partition. Once the repair process is completed successfully, you will be able to access your data.

If you can’t fix the damaged partition yourself, Try consulting a data recovery service who are known to do this. As experts have all the specialized tools and expertise to repair the damaged partition.

What Causes Partition Damage?

Various factors can cause partition damage. Here are some common causes of partition damage:

Symptoms Description
Bad sectors:When certain areas on a hard drive develop read/write errors or become faulty, it can lead to partition damage.
Disk fragmentation: When a partition becomes too fragmented over time, it can slow down and potentially become damaged.
Hardware problems:If the cables, connectors, or parts inside your computer are not working correctly, they can cause damage to your partitions.
Human error:Accidentally deleting or formatting partitions, making errors while managing them, or using unreliable tools can lead to damage.
Malware attack:Harmful viruses or malware can infect partitions and cause damage. This can make your files inaccessible or even lost.

Remember, taking precautions like regular backups and using reliable hardware and software to minimize the risk of partition damage is important.

Common Symptoms of Corrupted/Damaged Partitions

Here are some common symptoms that indicate you may have corrupted or damaged partitions:

  • Error messages: You might see frequent error messages when trying to work with files in the partition.
  • Missing files or folders: Files or folders within the partition may suddenly disappear or become inaccessible.
  • Strange noises from the storage device: If you hear unusual clicking or grinding sounds from your hard drive, it could indicate physical damage to the partition.
  • System crashes: The computer may crash or restart unexpectedly due to the corrupted partition.
  • Failed disk checks or scans: When running disk checks or scans, you may receive error messages indicating issues with the partition.

If you notice any of these signs, taking action promptly is important to prevent further data loss or damage. In the following section, we will guide you through various methods for repairing and recovering partitions.

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How to Prevent Damaged Partitions?

To prevent damaged partitions in the future, consider following these steps:

  • Exercise caution when resizing or formatting partitions, as incorrect actions can lead to data loss or partition damage. Double-check your actions and make sure you have a backup of your important data before making any changes. 
  •  When disconnecting external storage devices like USB drives or external hard drives, make sure to safely remove them using the “Eject” or “Safely Remove Hardware” option in your operating system. This helps prevent data corruption and potential damage to the partition.
  • Creating backups of your files ensures that even if a partition becomes damaged, you will still have a copy of your data.

By following these preventive measures, you can minimize the risk of Corrupted partitions and protect your valuable data.


Dealing with a corrupted partition can be frustrating, but you can recover using tools like Yodot Hard Drive Recovery and repair it with tools like CHKDSK, and TestDisk. Prevent future issues by backing up data, using reliable antivirus software, and safely removing storage devices.

Follow instructions carefully during recovery. By doing so, you can recover data and restore the corrupted/Damaged partition.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What steps can I take to prevent partition damage in the future?

To prevent partition damage, it is recommended to regularly back up important data, use reliable antivirus software to protect against malware infections, safely remove storage devices, avoid sudden power outages or improper system shutdowns, and regularly check the health of your hard drive using diagnostic tools.

2. Should I attempt to repair a corrupted partition on my own?

Repairing a corrupted partition can be complex and risky. It is advisable to have a basic understanding of partition recovery techniques and to follow instructions carefully. If you are unsure or uncomfortable with the process, it is best to seek professional assistance from data recovery experts.

3. How can I identify if a partition is corrupted or damaged?

Common symptoms of a corrupted or damaged partition include the inability to access files or folders, error messages when trying to open the partition, sudden system crashes or freezes, and unusual behavior of the storage device.