How to Recover DCIM Files?

Written by Lucy John on April 27, 2023

“I had to transfer some pictures from my memory card to backup drive that is present on my system. I inserted my SD card in to the system with help of card reader. After sometime I noticed that the Backup drive was running low on space, so I planned to delete some of the files from my SD card. I selected DCIM folder from memory card which had large number of files, without thinking twice I deleted DCIM files. Later I realized that some of the important photos were also removed from the DCIM folder. What should I do now? Is there any way in which I can get back files saved in DCIM folder. Thanks!”

DCIM is the short form provided for Digital Camera Images. All the pictures that are taken from camera as well as Smartphones are saved in folder named DCIM folder that contains all DCIM files i.e. images. As these files occupy more space in your device, user on regular basis tries to move them to safer destination location. Certain times while DCIM files are being processed, some issues may take place that leads to loss of valuable data.

Some of the scenarios that lead to loss of DCIM files are:

Well, issues like above can occur to any user at any instant of time. To be on safer side, user must keep backup of important DCIM files on separate storage device on regular basis. If backup is not maintained then, there is no need to get upset as user can imply the usage of File Recovery tool to get back lost files in a minimum amount of time.

Rescue DCIM File

As this is an advanced technological era, it is quite easy to find data recovery utilities that suit our needs. Among the vast range of applications, we give you Yodot File Recovery program that is the likes of most of the computer experts. It is designed in such a way that even a beginner, who has seldom knowledge about system can overcome the problem quite easily. This software is included with superior list of options that makes it straightforward to overcome various issues that leads to loss of DCIM files from respective source location. Yodot File Recovery tool doesn’t only get back DCIM files, but it can also recover EML files, SWF files, PST files, ZIP files, HTML files, VCF files, DLL files , BKF files, XLB files, RAR files and many other types of files that can be saved in Windows system.

Follow the simple steps to recover DCIM files from Windows computer

Things to be remembered:

  • Keep backup of important DCIM files on separate destination location
  • Double check DCIM file before hitting on delete option
  • Install best antivirus protection in the system to overcome virus or malware threats

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