How to Restore Deleted Files from NTFS Partition?

“Hi everyone, I use Windows desktop to save all my project files and other personal files. On this computer hard drive I recently created a new NTFS partition and moved all my personal files and folders into this partition. Unfortunately, today I deleted most important files from this NTFS partition and I am really worried about losing those files. I even tried to undo the action, but while deleting I had pressed Shift + Del keys, so deleted files didn’t get saved in Recycle Bin. Now, is it possible to recover deleted files from NTFS partition on Windows computer? Please suggest appropriate solution. Thanks in advance.”

Deletion of files is one of the major human mistakes due to which users lose files. Windows users often reformat their system hard drive partitions with NTFS file system as it provides enhanced and better way of saving files on the disk drive. Usually, when a file is been deleted on any Windows computer, then that file will get saved in Recycle Bin folder. As all know, Recycle Bin is the final option to restore back deleted files whenever required. So, generally one need not worry after accidentally or intentionally deleting files from FAT or NTFS formatted system drives. But, problem arises when deleted files are not present in Recycle Bin. This might create panic if the deleted file is of high importance to user.

Deleted files on Windows NTFS partition is lost when it bypasses Recycle Bin due to scenarios like:

  • Making use of Shift + Del keys to delete files
  • Erasing files from command prompt
  • Deleting large sized files that will not get fitted in Recycle Bin
  • Erasing files when Recycle Bin memory is full
  • Enabling the option, “Don’t move files to the Recycle Bin. Remove files immediately when deleted” in Recycle Bin properties that will not save any deleted files

Apart from this, if files are erased from external storage drives like portable hard drive, USB drive that is formatted with NTFS file system then also deleted files bypass Recycle Bin and result in complete removal beyond manual recovery. But worry not!! Because deleted files from NTFS partition can be easily retrieved with the help of third party recovery applications.

Most recommended software for recovering files deleted from NTFS partition:

Yodot File Recovery is the best suited recovery program to bring back all types of deleted files from NTFS partition with extreme ease. This tool can identify and regain various file types that are erased or lost from NTFS as well as NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32 formatted partitions and hard drives on Windows desktops as well as laptops within fraction of time. One can get back documents, spreadsheets, program files, HTML files, paint files, folders and so on even after formatting the partition. Embedded with supreme read-only recovery algorithms, the software safely rescues files from system hard drives, USB drives, external hard drives, etc. effortlessly. The tool supports to work on Microsoft Windows PC and laptops running with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and 2008 OS versions.

Guidelines to employ Yodot File Recovery tool:

  • Download the software on Windows system on which NTFS partition files were deleted
  • Install and launch the software by following ongoing instructions
  • Then, in the main screen click for “Deleted File Recovery” option to retrieve deleted files from NTFS partition
  • Now, click next and select the NTFS partition from which files were deleted
  • Software scans the selected partition within seconds and displays all restorable files in two types of view i.e. Data view and File Type view
  • Toggle between these view types to examine the recovery results
  • Then, specify a new destination location and save the recovered files by pressing Save button

Necessary precautions:

  • Do not save recovered files on to same NTFS partition from which it was extracted
  • After encountering deletion or loss of important files from NTFS partition do not save any new data on to that partition, which might cause overwriting of deleted files
  • Maintain regular backup of important partition files without fail