How to Get Back Encrypted File or Folders from Windows 7 System?

Written by Lucy John on April 25, 2023

“Hi am in terrible situation, somebody help me to come out of this problem!! I am using Windows 7 system for last few years and I have stored huge amount of data related to my personal as well as official work. For the sake of data security purpose, I have encrypted some of project related folders in my Windows 7 system. But later to add some plug-ins in my application, I have installed some software. I don’t know what mistake I have done, after installation of those Plug-ins, few of my encrypted files has lost from Windows 7 system, which including some authentication information like username, password and some configuration information of project. Without that data I cannot move further in my project. Please somebody advise me to recover encrypted files or folders from Windows 7 system? Reply soon…..”

Encrypting file is a way to protect files from unwanted access. It is a feature of Windows OS that can be used to store information on hard disk in protected way and it is a strongest protection provided by Windows system to secure your information. Encryption will play major role at the place where same system is used by multiple users.

However, you may face trouble if your encrypted files or folders will get deleted due to various unknown reasons. For example, consider the situation like you are also facing the same kind of situation as above mentioned, then what will you do in such case? How will you get back your lost or deleted encrypted files and folders from Windows 7 system?

No need to worry about it!! You can get back your lost or deleted encrypted files by using file recovery software. Before knowing details of suitable software to be used, have a look at various causes for deletion or loss of encrypted files or folders so that you can prevent them in future:

Software to restore encrypted files or folders from Windows 7:

Recover erased files is the efficient tool to recover deleted or lost encrypted files and folders from Windows 7 system. Robust algorithm of this software will deeply scan and find your deleted or lost encrypted files or folder from Windows 7 system. Along with encrypted files, it also assists to regain password protected files, hidden folders, Excel workbook files and so on. It can also retrieve files lost file during transfer, file deletion after computer shutdown, hidden files from virus infected pen drive and so on. Along with Windows 7 system, this application is compatible to get back encrypted files or folders on various version of Windows system such as Windows XP, Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 operating system.

Procedure to get back encrypted files or folders from Windows 7:

How can you prevent encrypted file loss in future!!

  • Follow proper instruction while installing or upgrading OS in your system
  • Avoid to install unauthorized software on your system

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