How To Recover Word Document After System Shutdown/Restart?

Written by Lucy John on April 18, 2023

“Hi everybody, last night I have been working continuously for the past 5 hours on a research project in MS word application. Well, I am 5 minutes away from completing my work and I had forgotten to save it for the last 2 hours. To my bad luck, due to a graphic card crash, the system suddenly got shut down and my entire work was gone. After restarting the system I opened the MS Word application and checked for my project document, but I couldn’t find it. Is there a solution for this type of problem? If yes, then anyone could please help me to recover my Word document.”

Microsoft Office has a fantastic built-in feature where it can recover unsaved new documents. An autosave version of the document will save files before the program exits abnormally and it will appear when the program is started.

Quick Fix To Search For The Original Document

Search for the original document in your computer's file list. Even if you cannot recover your most recent additions, you may still be able to access the original version of your document. By pressing the Windows key, open the Search bar on your PC and type the name of your document.

How To Recover MS Word Document after Computer Shutdown/Restart?

Method 1: Recovering Unsaved Word Documents:

Method 2. Recover From Manage Document

Method 3. Recover From Temporary Files

However, if you are unable to recover an unsaved Word document with the help of the methods mentioned above then you must go for a file recovery tool. We recommend you to make use of Yodot File Recovery that will help you to recover Word documents when the computer shuts down suddenly.

Note: The recovery tool only works when the document is saved at least once on the computer.

Method 4. How to Recover Deleted or Lost Word Documents After Computer Shutdown

Yodot Files Recovery is proficient file recovery software to recover lost MS Word documents when the computer shuts down accidentally due to any unforeseen reasons. The tool uses an advanced built-in algorithm to identify and rescue your files lost or erased from the computer. Download and try the tool now.

Steps for utilizing Yodot File Recovery software on Windows computer:

Useful Tips Avoid Losing Word Documents:

  • Shut down your computer only after you have finished your work properly.
  • Use some alternate power source to overcome abrupt power surges.
  • Install a good security program to protect your essential documents from virus infection.

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