Regain Missing Files in Windows 8.1

“Few files stored in my Windows 8.1 computer are missing since yesterday. I have searched those files using ‘search’ command, but they are nowhere present in my Windows 8.1 computer. Please someone help me to get back missing files from my Windows 8.1 computer as I have not maintained their backup assuming that those files are safe on my Windows 8.1 computer. Waiting for reply”

The latest Windows operating system 8.1 has gained its popularity within a short span of time. With Windows 8.1 computer, you can pin your favorite applications, folders, profiles, games, website etc. and arrange them according to your need. The best feature of Windows 8.1 system is that you can see task bar in every window you open and you need not visit desktop to look for task bar. Also, you need not go to control management panel to uninstall any program as in Windows 8.1 system; you can right click on the app and select the option “Uninstall” in order to remover the app permanently from your computer. All in one, Windows 8.1 is the best operating system that meets your requirements. But sometimes few files go missing from your Windows 8.1 computer in unexpected causes as mentioned below:

  • Using Windows 8.1 computer to download file from unauthorized website could make it virus infected and you will automatically lose certain files
  • Missing of files takes place when you fail to complete any action like copying or moving files due to power failure or abrupt shutdown of Windows 8.1 computer
  • Sometimes software malfunction on Windows 8.1 computer may results upon losing few files from your Windows 8.1 computer

Windows 8.1 file recovery software:

Stop using Windows 8.1 PC soon after you realize that few precious files, because Windows 8.1 system keeps space free in which missing file was present. If you add new files, then that free space will be eventually occupied with new file content which means overwriting. Once the space is overwritten, you would never be able to regain data from it. Hence download secured file recovery software like Recover erased files to retrieve files which you have lost from Windows 8.1 computer. The software does not take more time to restore your files as its working is very fast and smooth. Along with missing files, it even gives option to regain deleted files and folders from not only Windows 8.1 system, but also from other desktop/laptop hard drives running with Windows 8.1, Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista, server 2003 and 2008 operating systems. In addition, it is possible to recover files from external hard drive on Windows 8.1 system along with SSD, memory card, iPod, flash drive and other storage media by using this outstanding file retrieval tool. Moreover, this software is 100% safe and free from viruses which ensure no modification or alternation of files present in your Windows 8.1 computer during missing file recovery process.

Steps for recovering missing files from Windows 8.1 system:

  • At first download Yodot File Recovery software and install it to your Windows 8.1 system
  • Run the software and then choose “Lost File Recovery” option to restore missing files
  • This application now shows available drives present in your Windows 8.1 computer
  • Choose drive from where you want to regain your files
  • Let it scan and soon after scanning, you will be presented with the list of file types that are recoverable
  • Select files which you want to retrieve or simply click on ”Skip” option to select all files by default
  • Use “Data View” and “File Type View” for easy selection of files
  • Finally save recovered files in a desired location other than source one

Points to Note:

  • Do not install Yodot File Recovery application on same drive from where you are recovering files; for example, if you have lost data from C drive, then install the software on D drive
  • Always copy entire files from Windows 8.1 computer hdd to external storage media to keep them safe

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