Revive Deleted Folders in Windows 2003

Have you deleted folders containing valuable data from Windows Server 2003 system and eagerly ahead of appropriate solution to restore them back? Then you at right place, this article contains detailed information about deletion of files and folders in Windows Server 2003 system and accurate method to get back erased folders from that computer.

Windows Server 2003 is a Server operating system that provides productive infrastructure among workgroups to the data center in order to enhance collaboration and communication. The Server PC running with Windows Server 2003 can empower networks, web services, connected applications and others in an association of computers.

However, the only drawback of Windows Server 2003 system is that accidentally deleted folders when you working on network cannot be restored back until and unless you created backup for those files. This means if you have enabled the Volume Shadow Copy facility in Windows Server 2003, then only you can retrieve them manually using following steps:

  • Right click on the location from where you have deleted folders and click on “Properties” option
  • On Properties dialog box locate “Previous Versions” tab, click on the folder that you want to restore back
  • Later Copy and Paste that folder to your desired location

Apart from accidental deletion, folders from Windows Server 2003 can also get erased due to hazardous virus attacks; unplanned formatting of Windows Server drive; shift deletion; logical error and other. In case you unknowingly deleted folders that holds your essential files due to any reason and don’t have Shadow Copies for those folders; then no need to worry as stated before, you can restore them using any file recovery softwares like Yodot File Recovery.

Windows Server 2003 folder recovery software:

Yodot File Recovery is relevant file recovery software to get back deleted folders from Windows Server 2003 due to any of the reasons mentioned above. Apart from deleted folders, this program also rescues lost folders, files, documents, photos, audios, videos and many others in Window Server 2003 system. This application supports recovery of deleted or lost folders from FAT, FAT16, FAT32, ExtFAT, NTFS, and NTFS 5 files systems formatted drives. It has even got ability to recover offline files from CSC folder and also other folder contents from computer internal hard drives, external hard drives, pen drives, memory cards, SSD drives and many more. Additional to Windows Server 2003, this utility runs on other versions of Windows operating systems including Windows Server 2008, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Steps to recover deleted folders in Windows 2003:

  • Download Yodot File Recovery and install the software to Windows Server 2003 computer
  • Run the installed program and follow the main screen procedures
  • Use "Deleted File Recovery" option to get back deleted folders
  • The application scans the Windows 2003 system and shows all the drives or partitions present in it
  • Choose the drive from where you want to regain deleted folders
  • This tool scans the selected Windows Server 2003 drive and displays removed folders in Data Type or File Type views
  • Select the desired folders which you need to bring back
  • Browse for the destination location to save your retrieved folders but not to the same Windows 2003 partition / drive from where you are rescued folder
  • This utility also allows you to save the recovered folders onto any external drives like portable hard drive, pen drive, CDs and DVDs

Worth Mentioning Tips:

  • To make the deleted folder recovery 100 % successful, it is recommended to stop storing new files on Windows Server 2003 hard disk drive after removal of folders
  • Think twice or thrice before deleting a folders in Windows Server 2003 PC network
  • Give preference to run Volume Shadow Copy in Windows 2003 system

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