How to Recover Deleted Favorites Folder on Windows 7?

Written by Lucy John on April 19, 2023

Windows explorer facilitates it’s users to put their frequently accessed folders in a single folder that works as a parent folder; basically it is termed as Favorites. With this Favorites folder, you can access folders like Downloads, Desktop and other subfolders added by you. Oftentimes, people experience a massive loss of their crucial files just because they delete this Favorites folder in Windows 7 system.

Although, Recycle Bin is there which offers a chance to restore particular deleted folder or file; but what will you do when deleted Favorites folder is not there in the Bin? Actually, problem gets severe when you lack backup of deleted files or folders. In such scenario, it becomes necessary to look for a professional help to set loss incurred after deletion of Favorites folder.

Circumstances where you may encounter deletion of Favorites folder:

Way to retrieve deleted Favorites folder!

Recovering deleted Favorites folder on Windows 7 system hard drive becomes pretty easy when you make use of Yodot File Recovery program. With this reliable application, you can retrieve deleted Favorites folder from Windows 7 computer hard drive, external hard disks, pen drives, memory cards, digital cameras, iPods and other storage devices. It has two advanced file recovery modules to scan and recover all type of files/folders that have been deleted or lost due to many reasons. Additionally, this software helps you in restoring disappeared files and folders on Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP and other popular OS versions. You can rely on this tool to recover folders such as Documents, Downloads, Desktop, My Pictures and other library folders on Windows computers after accidental deletion, formatting, virus attacks and other data loss mishaps.

Try out following steps to undelete Favorites folder in Windows 7:

Important Suggestions!

  • Check Recycle Bin once after you suspect deletion of Favorites folder in your Windows 7 PC
  • Scan your Windows 7 computer regularly with an efficient anti-virus program to prevent deletion of files from Favorites folder
  • After you manage to delete Favorite folder in Windows 7 hard drive, don’t save any data further on C: drive

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