How to Retrieve Disappeared Folder?

“Hi, I clicked OK when my system said there are few Windows updates to be done and later faced missing of few files on desktop. I searched Recycle Bin and also enabled show hidden files and folder option but still couldn’t find the folder. This is really freaking because the disappeared folder consist of many subfolders. Can anyone help me to find disappeared folder on my Windows computer?”

Files and folders on Windows computer can become invisible all of a sudden because of numerous reasons. It could so happen like your computer restarted and deleted everything. Usually, when a folder is not visible in Windows Explorer, it is common to check the hidden files and folder option. It may show the folder if it was hidden previously. But, there are times in which folder can disappear completely from Windows computer hard drive or from external storage drive. So, let us move on to know how exactly folder and files can disappear.

Folder may get vanish suddenly because of

  • Incorrect Windows update
  • Virus attack or use of irrelevant antivirus program
  • Adding odd characters or symbols while renaming the folder
  • Certain software conflicts by illegal applications on system

When a folder just disappears along with its files and sub-folders, users may panic and worry about how to recover them back. But thanks to Microsoft Windows as it has few MSDOS commands that when run can get back all disappeared files and folders. It is very simple, go to Start and click on Run command prompt. Then type “tree g:\ /a > 0 & start notepad 0” without quotes. A notepad showing your invisible folder will get displayed. If this process doesn’t fetch results, then it is recommended to make use of useful file recovery software.

Disappeared folder recovery software:

Yodot File Recovery is the best utility to retrieve disappeared folder on Windows system with ease. This tool is engineered with outstanding scanning modules that deeply scan entire system hard drive to bring back invisible or disappeared folders along with its subfolders and files. It can restore Excel sheets, Word documents, HTML or XML files, PDFs, compressed files, Sticky Notes, basic media files, database files and other file types excellently. It can support retrieval of deleted or lost files and folders from various storage devices like eternal hard drive, USB pen drive, SSD, memory card, FireWire drive, etc. Also tool is capable of recovering hidden folders from desktops and laptops that run Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 operating systems.

Instructions to restore disappeared folders:

  • Download the software on your Windows computer and install it
  • Now run the utility and wait for main screen to get displayed
  • Then, select ‘Lost File Recovery’ option to get back folder that is disappeared
  • Upcoming screen shows all drives present on system (including external storage devices)
  • Select the drive from where folder has disappeared and click next
  • Later, select the file types that needs to be restored or skip this step
  • Proceed with scanning process and wait till software displays list of retrieved files and folders
  • Glance at rescued data using ‘Data View’ and ‘File Type View’
  • At last, choose a new destination location to save rescued folder and its files

Important Note!!

  • Do not save recovered data to same drive that was scanned
  • Avoid using irrelevant applications on Windows system
  • Backup important folders in multiple storage devices
  • Avoid interruptions while transferring a folder from one location to another

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