Retrieve Shift Deleted Folder from Desktop

Written by Lucy John on April 18, 2023

“Yesterday morning when I have switched on my computer, I observed many unwanted folders stored on the desktop. To clean it and look good, I thought of deleting unwanted folders from the desktop. Usually, I delete files using ‘Shift + Delete’ keys and this time too, I applied same method. After deletion, I noticed that I have accidentally deleted a folder containing important files of my work. What can I do to get that folder back from my desktop?”

Do you have same question which I have framed above? If yes, then probably this page might help you to solve your problem. Generally when you wish to delete a folder from your desktop, you can delete it using several methods. Most users select folder and press upon “Delete” button. Files deleted using only “Delete” option will be redirected to Recycle Bin, so that in future if you find need of deleted files, you can restore them back by just using “Restore” option from Recycle Bin. However, there are few users who use “Shift + Delete” keys so that they need not delete files again by visiting Recycle Bin folder.

In Windows, hitting shift and delete keys together will immediately erase selected file, which bypasses Recycle Bin. But, file that is permanently deleted will not be immediately removed from your computer hard drive; instead, the hard drive sector where deleted file is stored is set to permit new data to be written, but unless and until new file is stored over the space, the old file can be retrieved by using reliable file recovery software.

Folder recovery software:

Recover erased files software gives an excellent result and restore entire folder which you have deleted using “Shift + Delete” keys. It does not harm any recoverable files present in folder that have been stored on your computer. It searches sector by sector and then shows you the files which it has searched. You can then select required folder or file from the list to recover. The simple graphical user interface and very less recovery steps included in the application will not let you feel that folder recovery process is a difficult task. You can recover shift deleted Excel files, Word files, Access files, Emails, PowerPoint, DataBase, animations and many more by retaining its original quality. Along with this, it will provide two view types that will help you to choose your files according to file extensions or actual folder name with its root files. More to this, you can save recovered folders anywhere you want and also get option to compress it to reduce hard drive space. Many of the Mac users also might face similar situtions, so if files and folders are disappeared from Mac desktop then one can make use of Yodot Mac File Recovery software to reduce the risk of data loss.

Procedure to restore shift deleted folder from desktop:

Necessary Information:

  • Never use shift and delete keys unless you are sure that the folder you are about to delete is not so important
  • Maintain backup of important files into an external storage media so that you can restore it easily in case of emergency

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