Software for Retrieving Hidden Files and Folders

folder recovery“Hi fellows, I have recently noticed that some of my files and folders carrying important information are missing from my system hard drive. This happened after I had transferred certain files from a friend’s pen drive. So I assume something went wrong and files got disappeared. But, one of my friends suggested me to use third party recovery software to find hidden files and folders on system? Can anyone tell me the best utility to recover hidden files and folders?”

This might be a situation faced by many computers users. Important files and folders go missing from hard drive without any notice and users wonder how to find them back. Usually, files and folders get hidden from user access in the following scenarios:

  • Some files and folders may become invisible by losing its index value when harmful viruses or malwares attack hard drive
  • Interrupted transfer of files from system hard drive to other storage devices due to power loss or removal of external storage device during file transfer process
  • Frequent or abrupt termination of system can result in disappearing of certain files and folders from explorer

It becomes crucial when hidden files and folders carry important data. But one need not worry much as hidden files can be found by following these instructions:

  • After opening Windows explorer, click on Organize button
  • Then select folder and search option then click on View
  • Enable the option for Show hidden files, folders and drives

Enabling this option should show all the hidden files and folders. However, if this doesn’t help in finding hidden files, then only option is to use third party file retrieval tool such as Yodot File Recovery, which is exclusively built to restore files and folders.

Hidden files and folders recovery program:

Yodot File Recovery is excellent software to recover all hidden files and folders on Windows computer without any trouble. Its effective recovery modules safely retrieve MS Office files, PDF files, archives, program files, folders, text files, Notepad files and many more that were hidden or invisible. This utility can bring back data that was hidden, invisible or missing from Windows computer hard disk and external storage drives in various situations. Apart from this, it can even restore deleted files from external hard drive, USB flash drive, FireWire drive, SSD and other storage devices along with internal hard drives that are formatted with FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT and ReFS file systems. One can use this program to recover files on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 operating systems.

Steps to regain hidden files and folders:

  • Download Yodot File Recovery software on to your Windows computer from where files have to be recovered
  • Install and run the application to start with recovery process
  • From main screen click on ‘Lost File Recovery’ option as to restore hidden files and folders
  • Select the partition / drive in which files are hidden and click next
  • Further as the software starts to scan selected drive or partition, status bar will show its progress
  • Restored files and folders will get displayed in two view types, ‘Data View’ / ‘File Type View’
  • View the retrieved files and save them to target location on computer hard drive or in other external storage devices

Necessary Tips:

  • Make use of powerful antivirus tool to get rid of harmful viruses or malwares
  • It is advised to enable show hidden files, folders and drives on computers to minimize file search
  • Follow uninterrupted file transfer from storage devices to avoid hidden or missing of files and folders

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