Computer Froze With System Restore

Written by Lucy John on April 28, 2023

Is it so, that your Windows system is experiencing freezes upon system restore? PC might seem to look like never come out of stuck state. Computer begins to show unusual symptoms that interrupt the normal system functionalities. Windows fails to boot up normally just a blank screen appears at startup- frozen window a screen with some error message etc. As such, look at a similar instance

Hello, I have a query. My Windows PC is stuck up with frozen screen saying please wait. I waited for a long time and it was forever the same. So, I restarted it for several times with power button but no use. It all happened while performing a system restore, until then everything seemed to work fine. What is it that is not letting system to start up? Is all stored data in system in a safe condition? How this issue can be fixed?

No matter how much you wait to come out of frozen condition, system continues to be in same state. Some users assume that restore operation is on progress while others think that interrupting restore operation will have impact on data saved on system. This condition proves to be a worse one, as it can even put data saved on system hard disk to suffer data loss. So, a careful implementation is required to resolve this very issue. As so, it would be pretty difficult to determine the exact cause for PC entering to frozen state during restore operation. Some factors that influence crashes during restore include: device driver issues, broken fan or other hardware damages, software conflicts, internal errors and others.

How to recover from crashes during restore?

Here are some approaches that can be trailed in order to come out of this problematic situation:

Safe mode: When system is powered on, press F8 (function key) and enter into safe mode. Then continue with restore operation.

The check disk utility: Click on Computer icon in your Windows system. Right-click on the drive (C:)-> Properties-> under Tools tab press Check Now button. This will attempt to fix all system errors. Alternatively, you can go to Windows command prompt (by typing cmd on Start search box) then type the command - sfc /scannow.

Recovery disk: At worst cases, when the system is unable to boot-up properly then try to boot it up using recovery disks of your computer manufacturer.

If it is still not possible to get back the system to normal working mode, then system has got some severe damages or corruptions. This sort of system freezes can have some negative impact on drive data that can turn working partitions to raw, erase some data and others. All you can do is b safeguard your hard disk data using Yodot Hard Drive Recovery program. It offers an easy and yet safe way to get back data from inaccessible drives.

View some of the functionalities of data recovery software:

Carrying out data restoration:

Install the Yodot Hard Drive Recovery program on your Windows computer. Among Partition Recovery or Formatted/Reformatted Recovery, pick any relevant option. Next step is to select the drive from where data is to be restored. Program will scan for all recoverable data, continue to mark required data types or simple move with Mark All option. Yodot will then start to restore disk files and presents them back for preview in either File Type View or Data View. Set a secure target location to save back recovered data.

Remarkable points:

  • Always make it a practice to keep backup of important data in some other storage medium
  • Keep patience during system restore process, as it can take considerable amount of time

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