How to Get Data from Frozen Hard Drive?

“Please someone help me out. I recently upgraded Windows OS version 7 to Windows 8. Everything was superbly fine until I downloaded an application onto my Windows 8. Since then my system suddenly hangs when I am working on any application and I lose files on which I was working. So, I thought of reinstalling the OS. But, before I could backup the files and perform reinstall, system froze completely. Now, it is not even showing windows logo when I power up the system. Can someone please help me to recover data from frozen hard drive of the system? Thanks in advance.”

Freezing of system hard drive is most common among various computer users. Computer hard drive may freeze due to the following reasons:

When a hard drive freezes frequently, then it is more obvious that the drive is getting damaged and soon it will stop working. So, before disaster happens, try to backup all the data from the drive. Else, all your vital data will be in vain. However, there are times in which you won’t find an opportunity to backup entire data from computer hard drive as it suddenly freezes. In such cases, you can go for third party reliable data recovery tool to safely extract frozen hard drive data.

Ultimate software to restore frozen hard disk data:

Among multiple data restoration software, Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is the best utility to rescue frozen computer data on Windows. This software excellently retrieves all the files from frozen, damaged, corrupted, failed and dead hard drive without much trouble. The tool can recover data like documents, text files, images, program files, folders, etc. from computer hard drives as well as external HDD, Fire Wire drives, USB drives and other storage devices. Equipped with definitive algorithms, this tool can perform recovery of frozen hard drive data on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows2003 and 2008.

Working procedure of Yodot Hard Drive recovery program:

Precautionary measures:

  • Always follow correct procedure to turn off the system
  • Use authenticated applications on the system that are safe from malicious programs
  • When hard drive signifies symptoms of freezing, backup all the data before disaster happens

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